Southern California Pizza Transforms Pizza Hut


Southern California Pizza Co. owns and operates 261 Pizza Hut restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Driven by the audio/visual and digital signage package Embed Digital created using Samsung products and technology, SoCal Pizza serves as the model for a digital carryout and dine-in restaurant experience.

Nominating Company: Samsung, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
Venue: Pizza Hut/San Bernadino: A Slice of Digital Heaven, Irvine, California
Project: Pizza Hut/San Bernadino: A Slice of Digital Heaven
Category: Food & Beverage


SoCal Pizza was looking for a way to keep their restaurants innovative and to deliver an entertaining customer experience while also offering great food and service. Embed Digital worked with SoCal Pizza in August 2016 to install Samsung Magic Info Premium as the driver for all digital signage products for Southern California Pizza. In the San Bernadino location, four 55-inch DME Series Samsung digital displays are used as menu boards, grabbing the attention of today’s digital-savvy consumer and enabling staff to quickly and easily update with new offerings. Meanwhile, the 48-inch DME Samsung displays feature happy hour specials, food promotions, local events and other information to entertain and engage customers. The dining room and patio serve as a visual highlight with a staggering 39 screens ranging from 48 inches to 82 inches. These all double as digital marketing screens, displaying multiple sporting events with future plans to show tickers with game schedules.

Although most people are familiar with the traditional “red roof” Pizza Hut locations, SoCal Pizza wanted to expand the Pizza Hut concept that would deliver an entertaining customer experience along with offering great food and service. The challenge of managing the content on seven different menu boards and 39 additional TVs proved significant. Ideally, any TV in the restaurant would be actively tuned to a variety of sports and entertainment channels without distracting the employees from what they do best – deliver high quality pizza. Furthermore, SoCal Pizza knew they would want to control the restaurant menus dynamically to drive promotion rather than having static signage without control.

Embed Digital provided a platform with Samsung Magic Info Premium to dynamically control all the menus in the restaurant. This allowed the restaurant to quickly and seamlessly drive and change promotions at the push of a button. Embed Digital also implemented a Control4 system to route and manage all of the entertainment systems to be simply controlled by a tablet. A restaurant employee can simply select the appropriate display and tune the display to any number of sporting events or entertainment shows. Embed Digital implemented an audio and app for the customers to use. Customers no longer need to miss the audio feed of the game. They can tune directly to any channel’s audio using their phone.

SoCal Pizza has noticed a significant increase in the amount of time that customers are staying at the store. The new system is converting to-go orders into in-restaurant purchases. They have increased return customers as well. As the store continues to have success, SoCal expects to be able to track in-store purchases with promotions that have dynamically run through the Magic Info Platform.

Embed Digital
Southern California Pizza

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