Spence Diamonds Redefines its In-Store Experience


Spence Diamonds wanted to provide a new in-store experience around buying a diamond, an experience that gives customers the information they want and the ability to explore in total freedom with pricing open and upfront.

Nominating Company: Reflect, Richardson, Texas
Venue: Spence Diamonds, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Project: Spence Diamonds In-Store Retail Experience
Category: Retail


Spence knew they needed to create a store that mirrored the technological innovations of their diamonds. They set out to tell their brand story of social responsibility, quality and craftsmanship, and they needed to provide clear information on how their Artisan Diamonds are made. The opening of their store in Austin, Texas provided Spence Diamonds with an ideal opportunity to harness the power of place-based digital media. With custom audio zones and five digital experiences (each with its own objective) in approximately 3,100 square-feet of retail space, Spence was able to create a digitally enabled, one-of-a-kind diamond-buying experience that starts right when you arrive at the store. From digital screens in the front of the store to draw people in to screens throughout the store to deliver lifestyle content and brand storytelling to the screens in consultation rooms for assisted selling, Spence delivers an in-store experience like no other.

There were a wide variety of new experiences being installed and activated at one time. Proper integration required Reflect to work closely with Spence to pre-validate and test several new technologies prior to the store launch to ensure all experiences would be up and running as designed for the opening. Due to short timeframes, there was no room for error on the installation and deployment schedules. Reflect was able to build construction and software integration plans in advance of the opening, and successfully coordinated the installation, connection, on-site testing and launch of all systems by carefully tracking all details of each new experience.

Reflect provided Spence Diamonds with a customized digital strategy and solution design, and managed the project from conception to installation and everything in between. Reflect worked closely with Spence Diamonds and with their store design firm, JGA, to ensure every goal was met and every objective fulfilled. Reflect will continue to work with Spence Diamonds on digital strategy for this store and other locations to continue the work on boosting overall customer experience.

From design to deployment, Reflect worked with all teams to incorporate digital elements in the new store design that focus on telling Spence’s brand story. Reflect was able to successfully use in-store digital to create a more emotionally connected in-store experience with customers as well as convey the hand crafted quality of Spence Diamonds and their social responsibility as a company.

To capture the attention of passersby and create a sense of intrigue, Reflect provided and installed four 46-inch 4K displays arranged in the shape of a diamond in the front window of the store.

Brand Wall – To drive customer engagement and create a WOW experience, Reflect provided and installed a custom brand experience on the back wall of the store. Visible upon entrance, this experience consists of an 85-inch 4K display with a Plexiglas panel overlay. The Spence logo is etched into the Plexiglas panel, and the panel is edge-lit by programmable LED strips.

Bridal Wall Displays – Reflect provided and installed multiple digital displays on the bridal wall. The center piece of this experience consists of four 4K screens in a diamond pattern with an 85-inch display on each side. To assist sales associates with showcasing relevant merchandise, Reflect provided and installed 40-inch displays in each consultation room.

JGA – Store Design
HP – Media Player
Samsung – Screens
Premier Mounts – All mounting hardware

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