SpinetiX Announces 2017 Release of Elementi Digital Signage Software


SpinetiX announced the release of the 2017 version of their Elementi software.

SpinetiX vision of automated and data-driven content is deeply embedded in every new feature development of Elementi, a proven digital signage solution for verticals such as education, hospitality and healthcare and many more worldwide. Elementi is designed to perfectly match SpinetiX range of digital signage players to optimize reliability and network security.

“At SpinetiX we have been always conscious of network security,” said Jean-Claude Michelou, Vice President Research & Development of SpinetiX. “Today, the use of customer and 3rd party data is integral part of digital signage, thus our outmost commitment to delivering the most secure digital signage solutions possible.”

2017 release of Elementi comes with ready-to-use widgets such as social media, events, hours, QR code, way finding, menus and so much more. They are now fully integrated with widely used Microsoft Online (Excel, Outlook, OneDrive) as a digital signage data source. There are now 250 widgets in total included, and they all have one thing in common – they help transforming free, easily available, and accessible data into secure and professional digital signage.

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