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With the Proliferation of self-Service in the airline/airport industry, guests are looking for a self-service option when they check in/ check out hotel, when done right, self-service is the way to go. Only will it please the customers of the hotels, it will even please the staff, as they will be able to do more important tasks such as greeting customers away from the front desk. For guests to embrace a hotel check in kiosk, the kiosk must give guests an experience better than what they find from front desk employee. Both guests and staff expect the kiosk to do the right thing, each group has a different set of expectations. In my mind, and to many people, it is better service if I have the option to go (to a kiosk), is it better service? I certainly think so in many scenarios.

Rhineland Tech (RHL) continues its efforts to develop self-service solutions that can be tailored to any industry and, above all, we endeavor to put us in the user’s place in order to optimize user-friendliness and design. It is an art form in itself to look at technology through the eyes of the users. At RHL, we know that we are in competition with deeply competent players on the market. Therefore, of course, we strive to explore new areas where self-service solutions can become a prevalent and integral part of daily operations.

RHL has long recognized that most companies demand flexible total solutions. Therefore, most of our cabinet solutions can be easily customized to separate user options.

D.T.S1 is a relatively simple desktop that can be easily customized with various check in and out properties. The hotel industry has long had a good eye for self-service check in and out, not necessarily to save staff, but to meet their guest’s wishes for a speedy check in and out, especially when the room is booked online. The terminal allows the choice of different services the hotel offers; car rental, tourist information, room upgrades, etc. Several hotels also offer their guests the opportunity for airport check in via the terminal. All in all, a winning solution for both the hotel and the guest.

Delivering multichannel self-service is the future in the hotel industry. Build the business logic once and deliver it across a variety of touch points that suit your guests’ need. Once you deploy it , you are dependent on it, so it absolutely has to be up and running all the time, once your guest knows it is there and uses it. They expect it to be there all the time.

Fitness centers are another area where self-service is a natural part of daily operations. Many centers are open for day-to-day operations, which obviously mean that customers should be able to check in and out whenever. Here D.T.S1 is also the natural solution, its small, fits any environment and easy to operate.

So, of course, are libraries, museums, public administration, etc., where self-service solutions have also become part of everyday life. RHL sees it as its prime task to deliver financial quality solutions that meet every need, RHL has experience in the travel and transportation, government, utilities, finance and retail industries etc. A successful experience is not only about getting from point A to Point B, it is about the journey.

RHL works uncompromisingly to develop existing products, but as well, develop new solutions that accommodate the challenges of the future.

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