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Digital signage allows retailers to reach consumers with low cost, just‑in‑time messaging. Discover how Intel® vPro™ technology enables efficient, powerful remote management solutions for companies like Esprit Digital*, a UK leader in displays and digital signage technology, to improve point‑of‑sale performance while reducing costs.

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Esprit Digital Manages and Maintains 890 Sophisticated Advertising Pods from Anywhere in the World with Intel® vPro™ Technology

Esprit Digital: Global leading solution provider of out-of-home displays and digital signage solutions.

World Firsts: Digital escalator panel system at Tottenham Court Road Underground Station in London, running with over 99 percent reliability; later installed in 21 London Stations, Oslo, Austria, and Prague Metros. Double‑sided 65‑inch advertising pod. The brightest 65-inch outdoor LCD‑StreetBright*. Largest indoor video wall. Thinnest digital advertising pod‑72mm, 55‑inch double‑sided wafer.

Largest Installation: 1,360 displays installed in 37 Westfield Shopping Centres in Australia.


Efficiency: Fastest response time to address issues.

Costs: Eliminate costly site visits to installations for software repairs and remediation through remote access.


Remote Control and Remediation: System architecture based on Intel© Core™ vPro™ processors with Intel© Active Management Technology (Intel© AMT).


Increased Efficiency: Immediate response to issues. Eliminated site visits at major installations around the world.

Reduced Costs: Saves tens of thousands of pounds per year on reduced costs for site visits.

Esprit Digital, a United Kingdom leader in out‑of‑home displays and digital signage technology, designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains custom‑built display solutions for leading brands, such as London Underground, Virgin Media, JCDecaux, Shell, BP, and Sony. Esprit has installed impressive digital signage systems in facilities around the world and close to home, including Gatwick, Heathrow, and the largest indoor video wall installed at the Westfield Mall in Stratford. Many of the world’s leading digital media networks were built using their technologies.


In April of 2015, Esprit began installation of 1,360 LCD displays across 37 Westfield Shopping Centres in Australia. The digital network consists of single and double‑sided, floor mounted advertising pods, running on the company’s ground‑breaking proprietary hardware and software technologies. This is the largest international deployment undertaken by Esprit.

According to James Brenner, Esprit’s Chief Technology Officer, the pods include a complex design of thermo‑dynamics monitoring, demographic data acquisition using webcams, obstruction monitoring to help keep viewer access to the pod clear, a sophisticated content management system, and other Esprit Digital proprietary technologies. “These are complex and sophisticated systems,” he said, “that have an impact on our customer’s business. We can’t afford downtime.”


“A standard industry statistic is that ninety‑eight percent of the platforms that are returned to the manufacturer due to a ‘hardware failure’ are fixed by correcting the software,” said Brenner. “With as many installs as we have on this project, we needed to eliminate returns due to software problems—any problems—that could easily be fixed without the costly prospect of sending someone to the site.”

The 890 display pods are built on Intel Core vPro processors with Intel AMT. Brenner chose Intel© vPro™ technology to reduce the number of site visits required, and to enable the vast majority — if not all — software repairs to be done from their service centers without ever going to site. Intel Core vPro processors with Intel AMT enable technicians to remotely access all the services and software on the platform through industry‑standard consoles and proprietary‑built interfaces. Using Intel’s remote management and remediation technology, companies like Esprit can access and service their systems from anywhere in the world.


“Our service centers around the world follow the sun, so there’s always someone available to address any issues in our systems,” added Brenner. “By solving problems remotely, including complete software reinstalls, we minimize any downtime. And we can keep the pods updated with the latest security and features as they become available.”

“Digital signage provides advertisers with the most powerful, reliable way to use outdoor media,” said Peter Livesey, Managing Director for Esprit Digital. “The value of our solutions is enhanced when they continue to run 24/7, without interruption.”

Added Mr. Brenner, “Esprit installed 108 Digital Escalator Panels into the Austrian metro, 24 months ago. Our service personnel still have yet to go to any site for a maintenance visit. We attribute a lot of saved visits to Intel vPro technology with Intel AMT.”

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