Sports Experts Branches Out with Flagship Design Elements


Sports Experts Trois-Rivières is the third “White Project” store to be launched by the banner. These stores have evolved from the flagship store in Laval, and with each new opening, the concept is refined thereby facilitating the integration of new technological elements.

Nominating Company: Stingray Business, Boisbriand, Quebec
Venue: Sports Experts Trois-Rivières, Laval, Quebec
Project: Sports Experts Trois-Rivières
Category: Retail

The goal of this retail concept is to improve the in-store customer experience through the use of various display and interactive technologies. The key elements installed in the store are an indoor LED screen (10-feet by 6-feet, 2.5-millimeter-pitch), a round 360-degree LED screen (12-foot, 4-millimeter), an interactive shoe wall employing RFID technology, a mosaic of six LCD screens in the entrance (a wall of variously sized screens), holographic cubes and an interactive terminal in the entrance (wayfinder). The highest achievement of this concept is how the technologies are seamlessly integrated with a minimal design that showcases each individual technological element.

As mentioned in the previous question, the greatest challenge for a project of this size is to integrate the various technologies into the architectural design and to synchronize the workflow of all providers to meet construction deadlines.

Furthermore, to ensure the quality of the installation, we had to test each technological element in our lab with the content produced for each channel—all of which requires considerable collaboration between the teams entrusted with operations, installation and content creation. Creating HD-quality animated video content for more than 20 different channels, each with different formats, also challenged our content production team.

Thanks to our experienced team of producers, creators, technicians and installers, we long ago developed the procedures necessary for executing a project of this size and to deliver on expectations, regardless of project size or where it would be installed in North America. This includes, among other things, planning daily meetings with all the teams to ensure that we closely monitor how the project progresses through the final stages and installation. On the creative side, we always seek out that special angle that will help content stand out, according to the client’s specifications. We frequently consult with our clients on the approach and graphic elements that will most help that content pop.

Following installation almost a year ago, our client is more than thrilled with the results. Sales have increased by about 20 percent since this new concept was launched. Customer comments are extremely positive when evaluating the environment and how they feel while shopping in this store. This project is a clear success, and we look forward to repeating it with installations in another Sports Experts store very soon.

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