Sprinklr Acquires Social Visualization Leader Postano


NEW YORK & PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sprinklr, Inc., the world’s most complete enterprise social technology, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Postano, the leading social visualization platform, from TigerLogic Corporation (OTCQX:TIGR). Postano brings social content and the voice of the customer into offline, immersive brand experiences through stunning, large-scale digital displays. The acquisition, Sprinklr’s tenth overall and ninth in the past two years, brings another powerful component to the industry’s most complete social platform.

For many brands, fan engagement is key to delivering a superior customer experience, one of the primary benchmarks by which a company is judged. In fact, Gartner has said ‘customer experience is the new battlefield’ for marketers and estimates that in 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience – up from 36% in 2010. With the acquisition of Postano, Sprinklr’s commitment to helping brands create moments their customers will love extends even further to live, ‘real-world’ events that transcend the gap between online and offline experiences.

“We live in an age of socially empowered and connected customers where a brand’s ability to deliver great experiences matters more than anything. Too many companies think about those experiences strictly in online or offline terms, but the ‘divide’ between the two is imaginary in the minds of customers. It’s time for brands to start thinking that way,” said Ragy Thomas, Founder & CEO, Sprinklr. “Postano’s incredible visual technology and creativity will take Sprinklr’s visualization capabilities to a whole new level, letting businesses see the voice of their customer and giving brands a unified way to engage with them online and offline.”

“We launched Postano to capture the excitement fans would feel when they saw their social content leap from their mobile device to the stadium screen. From retail stores to corporate lobbies to stadiums, we’ve been able to turn large digital displays into amazing canvases for brands to capture the creativity of their customers and transform it into an engaging experience for everyone,” said Justin Garrity, President, Postano. “Our customers have always wanted our visualization technology to integrate and be part of a complete customer engagement platform, and today, I’m proud to say they can have exactly that – with the very best in the business.”

Based in Portland, in what will become Sprinklr’s twelfth global office, Postano enables brands to find, curate, and analyze the best social fan content and publish it as beautiful visualizations across web, mobile, and large screen displays. Its clients include world-renowned brands like Michael Kors, Time, L.A. Kings, Cleveland Cavaliers, and more than 200 others in industries including sports, retail, events, and beyond, many of which, like McDonald’s are already working with both Sprinklr and Postano to leverage the power that visualization of social data brings to their businesses.

Through the integration with Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud™, brands will not only be able to listen to, but actually see the voice of their customer and bring it to life through the best social display capability in the market – all in one platform. Postano’s technology will elevate Sprinklr’s Command Center and other digital display capabilities, giving brands greater creativity and scale in the execution of visual experiences online and offline.

For more information, visit the Sprinklr blog.

About Sprinklr

Sprinklr is the world’s most complete enterprise social technology, purpose-built for large companies to drive business outcomes and manage customer experiences across all touch points. Called “the most powerful technology in the market,” Sprinklr’s fully integrated social experience management software powers more than four billion social connections across 77 countries. Headquartered in New York City with more than 1,000 employees globally, Sprinklr is revolutionizing customer engagement for more than 1,000 of Fortune’s top enterprise brands, including IHG, Starwood, Microsoft, Samsung, and Nasdaq, and partners like Deloitte Digital, Accenture, Havas, and Razorfish. For more information, visit sprinklr.com or tweet us at @sprinklr.

About Postano

Postano is a real-time, visual marketing platform that finds and curates the best social fan content and publishes that content as stunning visualizations across web, mobile and live screen displays for industries such as sports, retail, events and beyond. The platform helps customers engage and strengthen their social channels, including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Vimeo, Google+, Flickr, Foursquare, Youtube, Weibo and RSS feeds. Postano, which is TigerLogic Corporation’s flagship product, is based in Portland, Ore. For more information about Postano, visit www.postano.com.

About TigerLogic

TigerLogic Corporation (OTCQX:TIGR) is a global provider in engagement solutions including Omnis, a mobile development platform, and Postano, a social media aggregation and display platform. For more information, please visit www.tigerlogic.com.

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