STRATACACHE to Display Advanced Marketing Technology Driving Retail Transformation at DSE 2019


DAYTON, OH, US—March 21, 2019—STRATACACHE will display next generation marketing technology to drive retail and consumer engagement transformation in booth #2800 at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2019. Featuring technology, professional services and digital signage expertise found across the STRATACACHE family of companies, we will demonstrate cross-industry interactive experiences including digital signs, augmented and virtual reality, mobile sensors, computer vision technology and artificial intelligence. Our marketing technology experts will offer deep dives into the practical uses and strategies behind STRATACACHE’s retail-focused smarter signage solutions. STRATACACHE is in booth #2800 at DSE 2019, being held March 27-28 in Las Vegas.

“We’re looking to have strategic conversations that focus on transformative engagement in the physical space. Every STRATACACHE digital sign can be a sensor that adds insight and helps your business move the needle,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. “Since the last DSE, we’ve added new companies, expertise and an array of technology to our full solution offering. Through these partnerships with major brands, we match the vision with the strategy, experience and delivery capability to ensure success.”

Booth highlights include:
Real-time engagement and operations dashboards:

An extensive display of dashboards, showing deep audience and operational insights tied to each interactive experience, is included in a “back of house” area of the booth. Experts will show retailers and brands how to leverage the power of real-time retail analytics, mobile sensors and artificial intelligence, using STRATACACHE’s in-house platforms from Walkbase and X2O Media, to inform and optimize the in-store experience and increase sales.

In-booth theater featuring:
Virtual reality demonstrations, powered by NVIDIA Holodeck technology, will run continually throughout the show. These live demos show practical, multi-user, real-time, collaborative VR and will highlight use cases for: considered design, virtual inventory, collaborative consumer engagement, internal workflows for pre-visualization, sales engagement possibilities, concepts for flagship enterprise-level immersive interactive experiences and experiential destinations.

Daily Transformation Talks, featuring 15-minute presentations from marketing technology experts across the STRATACACHE family, will also be featured in the theater. The topics span a full range of deep knowledge about the digital signage industry as well as emerging technology, including the manufacturing side of digital signage and implementing cross-industry interactive solutions and experiences into all verticals.

STRATACACHE family-branded hardware:

STRATACACHE’s in-house hardware solutions are on display including a full range of media players, tablets and content acceleration solutions. The five full-feature media players powering our booth are engineered for performance, stability and capability to suit every need. Our own all-in-one touch screen tablets have the ability to create an interactive experience in any physical space, in a range of sizes, from 11.5 to 32 inches. Content Accelerator optimizes digital signage experiences by guaranteeing reliable, timely delivery of content to digital signage players. 

Cross-industry Interactive Solutions show how marketing technology can drive service automation, deliver personalization at scale, enhance customer loyalty and direct assisted selling.
Personalization at Scale—The advent of artificial intelligence has evolved and shaped the way we shop online, and our fashion-focused solution leans into this behavior and makes it more actionable by bringing it into a retail environment, allowing for the best of both worlds. Using a touchscreen display, shoppers browse, curate and choose the looks they like, and immediately try on, share or buy with one tap.

Automation—STRATACACHE has created a QSR-focused ordering queue solution, featuring our own all-in-one touch screen tablets which streamlines the ordering process with customer-facing tablets in a range of sizes, from 11.5 to 32 inches. Order automation ensures accuracy while freeing up associates for other tasks including guest experience. An additional associate-facing tablet helps with order preparation and customer interaction.

Assisted Selling—This solution focuses on two key areas that drive the in-store experience — clarity when comparing products and delivery of a personalized, memorable shopping trip. Our tablet-based experience streamlines product discovery for the shopper, offering unobtrusive upsell opportunities throughout the experience. The solution also provides a tool for sales associates to have insight into the shopper’s preferences before offering assistance, ultimately delivering a concierge-level shopping experience.

Customer Loyalty—We’re evolving the drive thru, providing convenience and improving speed of service for loyalty app users in a QSR environment. Using digital displays along with sensor and voice technology, our smart drive thru solution identifies app users and delivers a personalized experience to loyal customers, building a stronger relationship with the customer and inspiring repeat visits. Digital displays help associates prepare orders while customer-facing displays deliver a guided experience, presenting meal order details and loyalty point reminders during dwell time.

See full details, including the two-day Transformation Talks schedule, at

STRATACACHE provides scalable customer experiences, empowering retailers to learn deeply about their customers’ shopping preferences and behaviors, allowing for personalized shopper interaction. Our solutions deliver consumer activation at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities and enhanced retail profitability. With 3.1 million+ software activations globally, we power the biggest digital networks for the world’s largest brands. Across the STRATACACHE family of complementary martech solution companies, we have the technology, expertise and track record to bring retail innovation that delivers results. Learn more about the STRATACACHE family at, on Twitter @STRATACACHE or on Facebook.


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