StratosMedia to include Facial Analytics as Part of their Standard Enterprise Offering at no Additional Cost


StratosMedia a global provider of Cloud “connected out of home” solutions, digital signage and wifi services has announced today the inclusion of facial audience analysis. All you will need to do is just add a camera to its playout devices.

By simply adding a usb camera to hardware running the StratosMedia Player service, network owners will be able to via a single service and hardware device, collate and review insights gathered on their audience. Insights such as gender and dwell time of their audience from remote locations will be obtainable in conjunction with their content delivery. This service shall be available on all StratosMedia Player supported hardware and operating systems including Google’s Chrome OS.

The captured audience data is available in real time as well as being available for later review straight from the StratosMedia’s cloud based Enterprise Management console. This data shall give network owners a good indication of their audience composition and levels of interest around messaging, allowing content to be tailored to the audience.

The service availability shall be rolled out to all new and existing StratosMedia enterprise subscribers commencing early April 2018 at no extra cost as part of their subscription service.

An advanced service with additional functionality including multi user breakdown by age group and the ability to trigger events in real time based on this data, shall become available as an additional subscription option in June of this year.

Anthea Noonan, Executive Director Global Sales at StratosMedia commented, “Digital Signage network owners are savy to the fact that pushing images and videos to displays and guesstimating impact is no longer good enough.” Ms Noonan went on to say “the ability to obtain insights on audience makeup and engagement has long been desired in signage, however It has been traditionally cost prohibitive for many.  StratosMedia believe including the ability to gain gender and dwell time insight at no cost for our clients is a game changer.”

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