Streamlined Wayfinding and More at University of Tennessee


Hypersign provided a wide-scale rollout of their WayStation and RoomFusion solutions for The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. WayStation provides wayfinding through touch-interactive kiosks as well as turn-by-turn navigation through mobile devices. RoomFusion adds the capability for students and faculty to reserve rooms from the mobile app and powers displays outside of meeting rooms and classrooms to display room schedules. For this project, the industry’s first “proximity unlock” feature was also included.

Nominating Company: Hypersign LLC, Drayton, South Carolina
Venue: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee
Project: WayStation and RoomFusion solutions at The University of Tennessee
Category: Educational Environments

The University of Tennessee looked to make their campus easy to navigate in addition to resolving room scheduling errors through the use of technology. Hypersign was able to solve these issues through customized versions of our WayStation and RoomFusion solutions. These projects were completed in December of 2018.

For RoomSign, our team needed to not only customize the solution for the University but also tie into their existing locking mechanisms that were connected to their network. The University had a legacy room management system that was no longer supported and becoming an added liability. In addition, very little had been done in visual messaging and communications. With the growing use of the students and staff using smartphones, the desire was to utilize this technology to draw them away from the typical magnetic swipe cards that were used on campus. In addition, the University used an access control system from Gallagher Security to lock doors of classrooms and team rooms when not in use. They were prepared for a large deployment but wanted something simple to operate.

Hypersign engineers modified the WayStation wayfinding solution as well as the RoomFusion management system. With the combination of these solutions, UT was able to 1.) Replace their dated room-sign solution with recessed digital signage displays 2.) Provide a mobile app to students and staff to navigate campus in real time 3.) Utilize the mobile app or online portal to schedule team rooms 4.) Provide more than 100 digital signage displays ranging from emergency exit displays to a 5×3 21-foot wide 4K video wall with 4K switching and full-range sound bar 5.) By creating a custom API, Hypersign provided “Proximity Unlock,” which automatically unlocks a door when a student or staff comes within several feet of the door. 6.) Hypersign reinvented the Ad-Hoc meeting by utilizing security keys and doing away with having to log in on the room sign. Hypersign’s “hyperCREATIVE” team optimized campus maps in 3D and matched University branding standards.

hypersign mobile wayfinding solutionRESULTS
The result is a super modern visual communication system that provides a symbiotic ecosystem of mobile, room signs and digital signage that seamlessly communicate together. The modern tools implemented allow students, visitors, and faculty to easily navigate through the University and to ensure that a room would be available for them or their team when they need it. Dozens of large universities and corporations have toured the campus evaluating the system.

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