StubHub Center Pushes Content to More Than 30 Screens


Insteo designed and developed menu boards, ads and Twitter ticker for concession stands that would be deployed to 30-plus screens at the StubHub Center.

Nominating Company: Insteo, Long Beach, California
Venue:  StubHub Center, Carson, California
Project: StubHub Center
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Our goal was to allow them to have live editable content via our CMS along with their existing SignageLive license. Through our CMS, we can accommodate different menu items available at each concession stand. Their ads are easily added and scheduled ahead of time. The Twitter ticker is set up to pull all their user submitted tweets via Twitter.

StubHub Center Pushes Content to More Than 30 Screens

This project had a hard deadline set for deployment. All of the concession stands would be displaying Insteo content on the first game of the season.

The Twitter ticker portion was introduced to the project about halfway into the production schedule. This created a layout conflict where space had to be made for this Twitter section onscreen.

We worked vigorously to adapt a new layout to contain the new Twitter addition. We were able to import the new addition with ease and in time for deployment.

We accommodated our content solution to work seamlessly with their existing SignageLive solution. They now have the ability to make updates to their menus and ads at any time from any browser.

*SignageLive was also a partner on the project.

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