Sunnybrook Hospital Boasts One of Canada’s Largest Digital Donor Walls


Envision was engaged by the Sunnybrook Foundation to design, build and install a signature digital donor wall. This state-of-the-art installation also included the company’s leading-edge Content Management System, which allows The Foundation complete control over scheduling and real-time updates of critical content pieces.

Nominating Company: Envision, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Sunnybrook Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: Sunnybrook Hospital Digital Donor Wall
Category: Healthcare Environments

The donor wall replaced an outdated static wall in the same location inside of Sunnybrook’s M-wing Atrium space, which is a busy thoroughfare of the hospital. The new wall serves as a statement piece about the Hospital’s cutting-edge innovation, the generous donors that contribute to this innovation, and the events that support the foundation. The wall also provides a backdrop for fundraising activities within the Atrium, so the foundation needed to be able to take over and create custom content for these events using a tailored CMS system.

Finding an off-the-shelf CMS system to drive 17 55-inch screens and 2 49-inch interactive screens while controlling multiple categories of self-managed content was complex. The content area of the screens was zoned to display specific types of content that could be controlled by the hospital foundation. The Atrium where the wall is located is a large, visually noisy, and busy space. The design calls for a large and unique presence to stand out in such a space.


Rather than working within the limitations of an off-the-shelf CMS system, Envision created a custom CMS that allows the Hospital to control their own content without the help of an external provider. The CMS controls multiple playlists, screen take over for events, and instant updates to donor listings and stories. To help it stand out in the Atrium space, the screen formation took advantage of the height in the area to create a tall digital canvas that curves outward from the wall so it can be seen at a distance, and there is a sense that the content envelops people walking by and not just stuck on the wall.


Now one of the largest digital donor wall installations in Canada, the wall is a beacon of the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation and allows visitors of the space to stand back and view inspiring stories of donors and their contribution or interact at their own pace using one of the wall’s two interactive screens.

The Sunnybrook Hospital Digital Donor Wall won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Healthcare Environments category.

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