Super Bowl LIVE Water & Building Projection Show Makes Splash


In the week preceding Super Bowl LI, ABC13 in Houston said this about our show: “People attending Super Bowl Live in Houston’s Discovery Green can’t stop talking about one of the main attractions. Every night through Saturday, attendees are treated to a spectacular light show…” After four months of planning, two months of animation, and 40 team members on install, our show did its job of pumping up NFL fans every night before the big game!

Nominating Company: bluemedia, Tempe, Arizona
Venue: Super Bowl LIVE Water & Building Projection Show, Tempe, Arizona
Project: Super Bowl LIVE Water & Building Projection Show
Category: Immersive Environments

Wanting to make a splash at Super Bowl LI, the NFL enlisted GMR and bluemedia to come up with a unique way to help share the story of the league and team players’ journey on their way to the big game.

Surveying and studying the layout of downtown Houston, the bluemedia team crafted the Super Bowl LI story into an unbelievable building and water projection show at Discovery Green Park, celebrating football and the Patriots/Falcons rivalry.

This impressive water and building projection show played with a Houston/NASA-styled 10-second countdown at 6:51, 7:51 and 8:51 p.m. for five nights leading up to the Super Bowl. The last show on each night also included real fireworks at the end, wowing the thousands of nightly attendees and lighting up all of Discovery Green.

Super Bowl LI pic2

Without the use of the two technologies, water and building projections, a show of this scope and magnitude wouldn’t have been possible. The close proximity of the water projection to the crowd gathered around the lake, and the height of the building projection on the Marriott posed unique challenges, as most static technologies, such as a building wrap or building illumination, wouldn’t hold the same visual/sensory impact and would lose fans’ attention at a distance. However, utilizing the two types of projection ensured that thousands inside Discovery Green, those staying in the four major hotels surrounding the park, and drivers from local roadways as well as those outside the area were in full view of the show. bluemedia was also the first to incorporate the two technologies together, and the first to transition from one technology directly into the other as part of the show.

Our one-of-a-kind show began with several high-powered, ultra-bright HD projectors casting a four-minute video onto a custom-manufactured water fountain screen that was 150-feet-wide and 51-feet-tall in the middle of the Discovery Green lake. This sophisticated water projection technology included 3D- generated models and effects such as the Vince Lombardi trophy flying out of the water and simulating splashes, as well as a football on fire and shots of NFL players diving and running across the water achieved through motion-capture technology. The video also featured the helmets of the Patriots and Falcons in the middle of the fountain trophy. Three 40-foot audio towers ensured that the concert quality sound effects were just as dramatic as the visual side of the show to build fan excitement.

Because we carefully designed the show’s ‘WOW factor’ to make the spectacle as daring and impressive as possible, videos and images of the show appeared across every major social media platform, thousands of social media profiles, and on hundreds of websites and dozens of news broadcasts all throughout the week, further increasing foot traffic inside Discovery Green and word-of-mouth online.

With 140,000 out-of-town visitors in Houston for the Super Bowl, and 1 million expected to attend some component of the Super Bowl experience over the 10-day period, it’s safe to say the anchors at ABC13 in Houston were correct. People attending Super Bowl Live in Houston’s Discovery Green couldn’t stop talking about one of the main attractions.


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