Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort Implements Interactive Wayfinding


Following an extensive remodel and expansion, Clearwater Casino realized they were having difficulties ensuring customers knew how to get to all of their great venues spread across several floors and buildings. Clearwater Casino turned to Alpha Video & Audio to design and install interactive wayfinding solutions throughout the property. Working in conjunction with Clearwater Casino, Alpha designed and installed four interactive wayfinding kiosks that direct guests to all games, spa, amenities, and restaurants.

Nominating Company: Alpha Video & Audio, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Venue: Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort, Suquamish, Washington
Project: Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

In September 2016, Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort in Suquamish, Washington, completed an extensive remodel and expansion of their property. Following construction, the need to incorporate some type of technology to help guests navigate their property was discovered by the Clearwater Executive team.

Clearwater Casino Resort teamed with Alpha Video & Audio from Minneapolis to design and install a custom wayfinding solution to allow guests to easily find locations and navigate throughout their property.

With an extensive remodel and expansion of the property completed in September 2016, wayfinding became an ongoing issue for guests. The staff at Clearwater knew guests would need a way to locate games, restaurants and other amenities following construction.

Clearwater Casino Resort

Alpha Video introduced Clearwater to CastNET, an enterprise-class digital signage and wayfinding solution that was developed by Alpha Video. CastNET’s TouchView product displays casino maps on touchscreens that zoom and scroll along with animated walking paths. This digital “you are here” feature, and the ability to show guests where to find their favorite games, amenities and restaurants was exactly what Clearwater Casino Resort was looking for to help their guests.

Four interactive kiosks were placed around the property: two on the casino floor, one in the hotel lobby, and one in the resort lobby. Besides property and game wayfinding, interactive menu boards for all six restaurants on the property were included in the wayfinding system.

All maps, walk-to lines and specific copy on the wayfinder can be updated by the customer directly from the CastNET management web page, allowing the property to keep data relevant for all of their guests.

“This is the first greeting people see when they enter the casino,” said Christopher Hart, Graphics Design Manager for Clearwater Casino Resort. “We wanted to have something aesthetically pleasing and easy to update. Guest reaction has been great!”

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