Sydney Operations Centre Gets One of the Largest Command and Control LED Displays


A new Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre (ROC) in Australia includes a central control room featuring one of the world’s largest command and control LED displays. This display was designed, engineered and installed by NanoLumens from a commission by Australian integration firm Critical Room Solutions and technology consultant Digital Place Solutions (DPS). The 1.6-millimeter ENGAGE Series LED display measures 32 meters by 3.6 meters and helps the new high-tech rail facility monitor the entire Sydney Trains system.

Nominating Company: NanoLumens, Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Venue: Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre, Sydney, Australia
Project: Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre (ROC)
Category: Transportation

Critical Room Solutions (CRS), a specialist in command and control room installations, and Digital Place Solutions (DPS), NanoLumens’ long-time technology consultant in Australia, commenced discussions with Sydney Trains to determine the perfect display solution to allow the new control centre staff to effectively monitor all 178 stations on the Sydney Trains rail network.

The NanoLumens wall, which is what this display really is, is central to the main operations of this command and control centre for the entire rail network. The central control room houses about 100 staff members on the floor. Essentially, it’s like a NASA command and control centre and operates 24 hours a day, every day, so this display is essential to providing critical rail information.

Sydney Trains was initially looking at a cube wall for this installation because that is what they used in prior control centres. The new centre’s futuristic interior design required a display that would blend seamlessly within it and become integral in enabling Sydney Trains’ expert train controllers to monitor the entire rail system, controlling the trains, tunnels and platforms to deliver a safe and reliable journey. They also desired a display that would create an open feel for the space, which would have been closed and restricted had a floor mounted cube wall been used.

The NanoLumens 1.6-millimeter ENGAGE Series LED display measures 32 meters by 3.6 meters and contains 41 million pixels. The super-fine resolution design provides an entire display resolution of 19,200 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels high, equivalent to 20 windows of native Full HD resolution or 5 windows of 4K resolution, all without the need for scaling. In addition to blending perfectly with the interior design of the Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre, the entire length of the NanoLumens display is suspended for ease of viewing by the controllers, some 6,900 kilograms in weight, and creates an open feel for the entire space of the centre.

Sydney Operations Centre LED wall 2

“Our new Rail Operations Centre is more than bricks and mortar, it’s a symbol about how we operate trains and provide real-time customer information to improve the customer experience,” said Sydney Trains Executive Director Tony Eid. “For the first time in our history, we have managed to bring together and consolidate multiple control centres in the one location.”

The Operational Visual Display Screen (OVDS) plays a key role in providing the control centre real-time information to make informed decisions with train operations, incident and customer management. The OVDS, now dubbed the WOW board due to its sheer size and stature, is the first of its kind used in Australian control centres.

1. Critical Room Solutions (CRS)
2. Digital Place Solutions (DPS)

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