SynClan: Unbelievably Profitable Asymmetric Video Wall Software Solution


NEW DELHI, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SYNCLAN, a unique, new solution developed by TruKnox Technologies, makes it possible to build and run jaw-dropping ultra HD video walls, of any configuration or scale, without requiring expensive and complicated hardware and specialty software.

Content is assigned, delivered and synchronized between video wall displays over simple Local Area Networks (LANs). SYNCLAN-powered video walls use off-the-shelf mini or micro PCs to drive each flat panel display in a video wall design, and the PCs are controlled and get their synchronization signals from a central Master Player PC, using low-cost network cables and SYNCLAN Manager software.

It allows systems integrators, Pro AV specialists, AV rental and event management specialists, and retail designers to dream up and realize video walls that are not constrained by limits on the number of displays, the shape and orientation of displays, or the resolution. Conventional video wall systems typically require expensive video wall controller equipment and dedicated, complex control and management software, and have limits on displays and supported resolutions.

The software-driven TruKnox solution lets content designers and video wall operators conceive and build their ideal display canvases, and then map, assign and deliver the content to each video wall display perfectly, with content synchronized to the accuracy of individual video frames.

“Our team at TruKnox saw a demand for seamless, multi-screen displays across a variety of sectors, including retail, financial, hospitals, special events, fashion shows, sports arenas and public venues,” says Rajesh Monga, Director of TruKnox Technologies. “We set out to develop a product that delivered one of a kind, world-class experiences for our customers, but at an extremely optimal value point.”

“SYNCLAN enables designers to fully express their creative vision, without being held back by technical limitations or high costs,” adds Monga. “In fact, it is left to the limits of the user’s creative imagination to experiment and model with virtually unlimited configurations, positions, and orientations available, by way of the unlimited number of screens that can work with this solution.”

As video walls grow more commonplace across commercial and public settings, it’s becoming particularly important to develop high impact solutions that don’t look like everything else, says Monga. Getting noticed requires a dramatic impact of brand messages.

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