T-Mobile Brings Cutting-Edge Digital Experiences to Six Signature Stores


The wireless industry is a catalyst for technological innovation and cutting-edge digital experiences. Wireless retailers, ironically, don’t tend to be on the cutting edge of retail.

Nominating Company: Publicis Sapient, Miami, Florida
Venue: T-Mobile/ T-Mobile Signature Stores, Bellevue, Washington
Project: T-Mobile/ T-Mobile Signature Stores digital retail experiences
Category: Retail Environments

T-Mobile set out to completely turn this notion of wireless retailers not being cutting-edge upside down by fully embracing their digital-first approach. They partnered with use to fuse the best that our digital and physical worlds have to offer by creating six Signature stores — all located in premium, high-visibility retail locations across the U.S.

The challenge was how to push the boundaries of wireless retail. How does a company create a more engaging, yet cohesive brand experience across multiple stores — all with unique screens, architecture, and demographics?

T-Mobile signature digital

We immersed ourselves in every level of detail to drive design, installation, and the ongoing delivery of large-format videos, custom LED content, interactive and reactive experiences, and sales tools to help create some of the most technically advanced retail stores of their kind.

Each store had its own set of particular challenges, but we saw them as opportunities to illuminate a richer brand story and as a way to take a combined 300 million pixels and make them work harmoniously on every level.


The composition of large-scale video, motion graphics, and interactive components lent themselves to a groundbreaking retail experience. Every pixel, every node, and every LED bulb was designed to work together. Times Square has a 20-foot by 73-foot LED screen that wraps around the inside of the store. Chicago and Santa Monica have 20-foot entryways that wrap from floor to ceiling. San Francisco and Las Vegas have two-story volumetric, fully programmable LEDs built into the architecture.

T-Mobile signature store staircase picRESULTS
There are only six stores, but people everywhere are taking notice. Yes, the press is nice and the earned media is adding up, but what matters most is that these stores have created the most dynamic environments in T-Mobile’s fleet, drawing their best sales associates and creating the best branded Un-Carrier experience for their customers.

In total, there are 300 million pixels all working harmoniously together across six stores in the U.S.—Times Square, Miami Beach, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Santa Monica’s Promenade, The Vegas Strip, and San Francisco.

The takeaway from T-Mobile’s Signature Stores is that experience matters—to everyone.

Publicis Sapient Team:
VP, Technology, Connected Environments: Steve Dawson
Executive Client Partner: Gianna Hill
Creative Director: Oliver Duncan
Associate Creative Director: Nicolae White
Associate Creative Director: Travis Lum
Motion Design Director: Scott Sonnenberg
Director, Technology: Alan Shimoide
Client Partner: Allison Choy
Sr. Director, Project Management: Lesley Young
Associate Director, Project Management: Chris Fischer
Sr. Project Manager: Anna Powers
Senior Designer: Eric Grzeskowiak
Associate Motion Design Director: Matt Pinski
Motion Designer: Chris Meyer
Motion Designer: Yahira Hernandez
Sr. Architect: Brian Hampson
Sr. Architect: Dmitri Svistula
Technical Architect: Ed Kahler
QA Manager: Craig McKernan
Sr. QA Analyst: George Katselis

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