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Digital Signage Expo 2016, the world’s largest and longest running conference and trade show for showcasing innovative digital communications and interactive technology solutions, is now less than two weeks away. That said, Digital Signage Connection recently caught up with Cima NanoTech CEO Jon Brodd for a quick Q & A on the subject. We discussed Cima NanoTech’s game plan and product lineup for exhibiting at this year’s conference as well as what he thinks the future will look like for digital signage as a whole.

Q: Can you expand on why you think the future of the digital signage industry is in the consumer’s touch experience more than anything else?
A: When we look at the future of technology in general, interactivity is key, and this has huge significance in the digital signage industry. The ability to deliver customer experiences that are more interactive is going to become a key differentiator in countless industries such as retail, hospitality, food and beverage, and transportation just to name a few.
What role does the customer’s touch experience specifically have to play in this? Well, smartphones have become the most ubiquitous consumer electronic device today, and as such, the touch interface has become the preferred and most natural way for consumers to interact with their devices. Particularly for younger consumers, the ability to interact with devices using touch is considered somewhat of a default whether it’s swiping a smartphone screen, or using touch to instruct appliances. With touch expected to come “as standard” for a majority of consumer devices today, it’s a natural progression for touch to then impact and enhance the experience and interactions with other devices such as digital signage.
The key to successful interaction, in turn, is making it seamless and intuitive. Touch performance becomes a vital consideration where interactive digital signage is concerned. It’s a frustrating experience to stand in front of an interactive mall directory that is slow to respond to your touch, requiring you to press multiple times before the device recognizes the instructions you are giving it. But that experience is all too familiar these days. However, it’s something quite different to be able to stand in a store and scroll through a responsive catalogue of additional inventory, perhaps not physically displayed in that particular outlet, and to then have the ability to make a purchase without even having to approach the cashier.
Coupling interactivity with performance and aesthetics is a really powerful engager. Digital signage technologies, and more specifically interactive digital signage technologies with multi-touch capabilities, are going to be a key differentiator for retailers and other industries going forward. More interactive and immersive experiences increase customer engagement and can ultimately help organizations cement customer loyalty.
Q: Without giving too much away, how is Cima NanoTech addressing this future with its business strategy?

A: We realize that today’s consumers, particularly the younger generation, are less content with passively consuming content. They are driven by the ability to interact, create and share. Our solutions are designed to enhance the customer’s touch experience through faster, true multi-touch response, taking interactivity, collaboration and creativity to a new level.
The digital signage industry is poised for huge growth over the coming years, and we are already seeing an increase in interactive digital signage globally. We are very confident in our offering and our ability to deliver both high performance and great value to our customers. We believe we are in a strong position to contribute to a more interactive digital signage space.
Q: What is your all-star product lineup for Digital Signage Expo 2016? What can we expect to get product demonstrations of?

A: Cima NanoTech offers a wide range of high performance SANTE ProTouch projected capacitive (pro-cap) touch modules from 32-inch to 85-inch sizes. At DSE, we will be showcasing interactive pro-cap touchscreens enabled by our technology, including a 65-inch interactive touch display, 55-inch interactive digital signage, 42-inch interactive digital signage and 40-inch interactive coffee tabletop.

Q: What are you hoping to get out of DSE this year from a company standpoint and for yourself as an industry participant?

A: We see DSE as a key industry event for the company. Interactive digital signage is just one of many applications for our technology, but the growth of the digital signage industry is really exciting, and is a key target market for our company. Digital signage is also a perfect application for showing off the advantages of our technology — the high level of interactivity that our touch technology supports through the fast response and true multi-touch capabilities.

Cima NanoTech will be exhibiting at DSE 2016 at Booth #1437 in the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 16th and 17th. See the video below for a sneak peek at the company’s product lineup.


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