TD Bank Toronto Location Gets Digital Branch Amplification


St. Joseph Communications (SJC) partnered with TD Bank in order to assist in the branch amplification of the TD Canada Trust Tower (161 Bay). 161 Bay is located in the heart of Toronto’s Financial Core, comprising more than 1.14 million square feet of ‘AAA’ office space. SJC worked to provide TD Bank with engaging and dynamic content amongst four locations within the branch, aiding TD in creating a digital signage experience throughout the entire branch.

Nominating Company: St. Joseph Communications (SJC), North York, Ontario, Canada
Venue: 161 Bay St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: Branch Amplification of 161 Bay St.
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

SJC’s objectives were to attract visual attention from pre-existing customers, as well as to attract new customers walking throughout 161 Bay. SJC created a mix of campaign, product, education, brand, community and branch-generated content throughout four main high-traffic areas within 161 Bay, including Brookfield Place Atrium, the Greeter Wall, the Elevated Boardroom, and the Teller Wall. In order to deliver the most engaging content to customers and passersby, TD wanted to ensure that all of their signage was converted to digital, allowing for content to change more frequently and stay up to date. This project is also an effort to reduce clutter and make the information being delivered more clear and concise by making spots shorter and using smoother animation treatments as well as being displayed quickly. The grand opening of the rebranding of 161 Bay took place on Friday, December 7, 2018.

A challenge SJC faced when designing content for the Greeter Wall was that a raised greeter table sits in front of the screen and cuts off the bottom of the screen. This acted as an extra variable to consider when designing all content that would be used for the Greeter Wall. Another challenge that SJC encountered was that the screen in the Elevated Boardroom emitted a considerable amount of heat due to the size of the screen, as well as the size of the room. From a content perspective, the screens are experienced from within an atrium public space, from the building’s large entry way, the pedestrian corridor, and from pedestrians and traffic on the East side of one of Canada’s busiest streets. A challenge appeared when considering what type of content each viewpoint should display, and how best to account for all the variables from a programmatic standpoint.

161 Bay pic2SOLUTIONS
As the raised table positioned in front of the Greeter Wall cut off the bottom of the screen, SJC had to ensure, when designing the content for this screen, that all copy was raised in order for the bank’s messaging to not be lost. This was especially important as this screen is also visible from street level. Regarding the Elevated Boardroom, air conditioning was implemented into this room in order to combat the heat that was emitting from the screen. SJC also developed a content strategy to drive the creative, leveraging video, static and ambient content. This ensured customers received a content experience unique to that branch. In order to ensure relevant content experiences, SJC pre-determined the various viewing perspectives and planned that into the creative execution. SJC then developed a full playlist strategy to account for the various context and perspectives of different audiences in different areas.

SJC fulfilled the goal of creating a branch that caters to clients focused on private wealth and financial planning. 161 Bay is a high-end branch that faces Bay St., a high-impact intersection in Toronto, capturing the attention of many everyday commuters. SJC’s collaboration with TD Bank on the branch amplification of 161 Bay allowed the branch to have a fully immersive and targeted digital experience and provided customers and passersby with the best experience possible.

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