TD Union Station ATM Kiosk Calms Toronto Commuters with Ontario Nature Scenes


One million commuters pass through Union Station per week. To offset the hustle and bustle, our team used digital innovation to create a calming oasis for our customers. We wrapped a prominently placed ATM in the Go York Concourse, bringing captivating outdoor scenes inside the hub of downtown Toronto. This experience surprised and delighted customers, adding value, convenience and comfort to their daily commute. This collaboration was in partnership with Metrolinx.

Nominating Company: St. Joseph Communications, Content Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue: TD Union Station, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: TD Union ATM installation and kiosk
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

TD is in the first year of a 10-year strategic partnership with Union Station. Together, we will transform Union Station into a global destination hub, creating experiences that put the customer at the core of everything we do. For the launch, we created customized ambient content to bring calm to the commuter rush.

In partnership with Metrolinxs, we were tasked to create custom ambient content that brings Canadian nature (explicitly Ontario scenes) to an urban environment and provides customers an oasis experience away from the hustle and bustle of union station.

A combination of stock video with post-production animation was used in year 1 (2017), and custom video was shot on location to be used in 2018 and onward. The content:
– Had movement and life, not statics
– Conveyed night and day along with smooth transitions
– Changed with the season and time of day

Utilizing post-production and special effects, we added wildlife and environmental effects (moon, stars, sun rays, Northern Lights) to the content to make sure the same content isn’t on repeat. The 24-hour shoot was edited down to short segments to give the illusion of a full timelapse. We created a variance through editing so it looks “different” and not in a constant loop.

When location scouting, we limited it to two hours outside city limits and provided the most nature and possible wildlife variety needed for the library.


We focused our vision on ambient/seasonal content as we felt it would be more calming, thereby enhancing the commuter experience. It was a strategy that satisfied our objectives of being innovative, engaging and differentiated.

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