Techno Signz Launches the Digi Pilot Sign


Edmonton, AB: Techno Signz, a Canadian-based  technology  and signs company,  has just released the world’s first auto-dimming digital  piloting  sign, called the Digi Pilot Sign. After significant R&D efforts, the Digi Pilot Sign is now ready for the market; boasting 175m viewing distance, completely controllable through smartphone application and has a self-reacting message board  which dims when oncoming traffic is within a 100m range.

“It’s shocking,” says Mike Mager  of CAA (Canadian  Automotive Association). “You got people speeding  and  speeding  past an emergency  vehicle,”  said RCMP (Royal  Canadian  Mounty Police) officer  Const. Shawn Smith. “It’s unbelievable.” These are the type of statements that inspired  the Digi  Pilot Sign. Through the launch of the Digi Pilot Sign, Techno Signz seeks to create safer roads and not allow  road  users to have an excuse for not obeying  traffic control messaging anymore.

Conventional  traffic control signs resort to static or back-lit signage, when every other industry is digitizing. Enter the Digi Pilot Sign. Let’s say that a tow truck driver needs road users to allow an extra lane for hitching this particular  vehicle. Instead of having to exit the vehicle and place various road  signage on the road  (putting the person in an unsafe position),  they could easily update  the  Digi  Pilot  Sign  through  the  app,  creating  their  own  customized  message,  and instantly letting road users know to use the far-left lane. Due the Sign’s greater viewing distance, road users will also have more time to prepare  and be more alert of the oncoming hazard.

The Digi  Pilot  Sign has now  been  adopted   by  several  divisions  of  Parks  Canada  and  the Canadian  Government’s Alaskan Highway  Program Management, and is ready  to expand  to other  industries  such  as:  pilot  cars,  tow  trucks,  airplane  escorting  and  other  traffic  control industries.

About Techno Signz:  a digital signs and technology company founded in 2016  in Edmonton, Canada,  focused on using smart technology  to advance the digital  signage industry.


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