Technology Drives VIP Experience at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas


Converse Marketing conditioned Brooklyn Bowl—a large restaurant, concert and event center in Las Vegas—to create a unique after-hours VIP experience for Caterpillar dealers and customers. The conditioning included creative content for digital signage as well as messaging that was synced with a live band performance.

Nominating Company: Converse Marketing, Peoria, Illinois
Venue: Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project: MINExpo 2016
Category: Food & Beverage

Located in Las Vegas, MINExpo is the global mining industry’s principal trade show. Because the event only occurs every four years, it is vital that our client, Caterpillar, has opportunities to maximize the time spent with their most important customers during the event, thereby strengthening relationships, discussing and closing deals and minimizing the time customers are able to spend with competitive manufacturers.

For MINExpo 2016 (September 26-28), Caterpillar  tasked Converse Marketing with creating a fun, high-energy event for three nights at Brooklyn Bowl—a large restaurant, concert and event center in Las Vegas – that would enable sales representatives  and Cat dealers to spend their evenings after the show ”wining  and dining”  customers in a Caterpillar­only environment. They wanted programming and conditioning that would provide positive product messaging and subtly nudge conversations toward sales.

Brooklyn Bowl is a very large venue that contains numerous bars and eating environments, two levels of open bowling alleys, a concert venue, private boxes for watching the stage and even outside patios. Converse needed to create conditioning and wayfinding that made it easy to get around the event, but also that made all of these areas feel like a single, large Caterpillar party.

The venue is also visually “busy.” There’s a lot to distract and make eyes wander. So conditioning and digital signage needed to be placed in a manner that would hold attention and guide attendees back on topic and to targeted locations (e.g., the stage show, the bowling areas, etc.).

First, Converse Marketing developed a stylized look/feel for the event that tied into  the venue and the image Caterpillar wanted to portray  for guests. We then worked with our client to develop programming for the event, which included an all-request cover band. Targeted digital signage encouraged guests to text their requests to the band and those messages would appear on an iPad used by the lead singer.

The venue included two open floors of bowling lanes that attracted a lot of traffic during the event. To keep attendees’ attention, and to subtly introduce conversational topics for sales reps, we created animated content for large LED screens that were located on either side of the scoreboards above the pins. Numerous “concert” posters were created to mimic the content on the digital signs. The client has since been inundated with requests for these after the show (including a request from the CEO).

Technology Drives VIP Experience at Brooklyn Bowl in Las VegasRESULTS
The event was considered by many as the most successful after-hours gathering Caterpillar has ever hosted at MINExpo. Thousands were in attendance, and many came to the event on multiple nights. Dealers help pay for these events by purchasing tickets from Caterpillar, so they tend to be rather critical of the venues and the messaging. However, post-event surveys indicate a very high approval rate among participating dealers and their customers. Nearly 20 percent of those responding gave it the top score of “10-very effective.”

As one dealer put it in his response:
“Brooklyn Bowl was a great venue, and it was extremely effective. I thought it was an excellent event …almost a best­kept secret at the show.”

Converse Marketing, Inc.
Caterpillar – Global Mining Division

Converse Marketing won the DSE 2017 Silver APEX Award in the Food & Beverage category.

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