Telefónica Movistar Announces New Website via Digital Signage


The Movistar Customer Service Center Video was created with the purpose of communicating the launch of the new website to clients and also to show the easy browsing within it. This video was broadcast in each and every Movistar Customer Service Center.

Nominating Company: Telefónica On The Spot Soluciones Digitales SA de CV, Mexico City, Mexico
Venue: Telefónica Movistar, Mexico City, Mexico
Project: Movistar Customer Service Center Video
Category: Retail

Movistar needed to tell the clients about their new website and its benefits including modes of payment, exclusive promotions, simple and dynamic browsing and many more. This animated spot shows the construction of the new site in a graphic way, and it was broadcast the same day of the website launch in the digital signage circuit of every Movistar Customer Service Center.

The Movistar business purpose was to increase the sales of cellphones by e-commerce and also make the browsing experience better for users so they could easily access all the information needed to buy a Movistar cellphone.

We found some difficulties with how to communicate the renovation of the site, because the important thing was not only displaying the new website’s appearance but also the way it was reconstructed for the client benefit.

Some characters were elaborated to demonstrate what was done in the renovation process. This was also to show how easy it is to browse the new website. Therefore, dynamic attractiveness of the new animation was highlighted.

More page entries as well as more ecommerce sales were accrued as a result of the renovation.

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