Texas A&M University’s LED Video Wall Brings Life to the AgriLife Center


Texas A&M University was recently in need of a large-format digital display for its AgriLife center. The university turned to Avinext and PDS, a division of Premier Mounts, to create and design a custom solution. Through a great collaboration, they constructed a 10×5 video wall with mounts that created a seamless experience, 19.62-pound panels, 2.5-millimeter pixel pitch, 24-inch extension and rear serviceable 480-millimeter by 540-millimeter LED cabinets.

Nominating Company: Premier Mounts, Corona, California
Venue: Texas A&M AgriLife Center, College Station, Texas
Project: Texas A&M AgriLife Center
Category: Education & Healthcare

The objective of the video wall was to be the focal point of the AgriLife center, captivating and entertaining countless numbers of students, alums and teachers at events and tailgates. In addition, it needed to overcome several challenges and be prepared for everyday usage.

The large video wall for Texas A&M needed to blend in with the aesthetics of the building itself and not be overbearing, Lots of ambient light shines into the AgriLife Center, so the solution needed to be bright and bold even during the Texas summers.

In addition, for almost all direct view LED tiles, there is no standard in mounting patterns as there is with LCD displays. To create a truly seamless viewing experience, the mount needed to be custom built for the selected Samsung tiles.

Furthermore, because the chosen Samsung tiles were rear serviceable, the entire video wall needed to be able to move outward in order to be serviced.

Texas A&M University’s LED Video Wall Brings Life to the AgriLife Center

Knowing that direct view LED tiles are intended to create a seamless experience, it’s really the mount that makes this happen. If even a single panel is misaligned, the viewing experience is compromised as the viewer’s’ attention is drawn to the tile defect and not the content of the message on the display.

Premier Mounts and their PDS team was able to custom build a rear serviceable solution to hold 2.5-millimeter pixel pitch Samsung LED tiles. Fine-tune adjustment footpads ensured that the LED tiles come together to create a completely seamless experience. This mount was also motorized and was able to extend the entire wall two feet from the wall in order to make serviceability easy.

Texas A&M University’s LED Video Wall Brings Life to the AgriLife Center

The result of the project was a captivating 10×5 video wall that now attracts more members of the Texas A&M community to the AgriLife Center. Streaming live games, hosting events or presentations and displaying graphics now has become a mainstay for the agriculture building. Premier Mounts worked alongside Avinext by project managing the installation of the video wall and installed LED tiles to ensure a seamless and beautiful end result.


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