Thailand’s Tiger Nightclub Brings Artistic Video Walls to the Party


Located in a top worldwide tourist destination, the Tiger Nightclub in Phuket, Thailand deployed a network of 44 displays with vertical grid video walls, independent displays and two 10-display artistic video walls flanking a 13-feet statue of a tiger. Userful’s video wall was the only one that solved the challenges of working around the very irregular shape of the statue, supporting a combination of video walls and standalone displays while providing easy installation and maintenance.

Nominating Company: Userful Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Venue: Tiger Nightclub, KathuPhuket, Phuket, Thailand
Project: Artistic Video Wall at Tiger Nightclub
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Located in Phuket, a popular party destination in Thailand that sees more than three million visitors a year, the Tiger nightclub is one of the top destinations for partygoers. Towards the beginning of 2017, the club wanted to install a state-of-the-art array of displays in their 20,000-square-foot disco to provide a unique audiovisual experience to attendees. The disco already had a 13-foot statue of a tiger and wanted to complement it with stunning 4K visuals. Given the size of the location, they planned for a combination of video walls and independent displays spread across the area in order to showcase video content as well as product information and special events. With a four-floor complex, the Tiger nightclub wanted to be able to expand their display system from their disco to the other three floors.

The disco’s main visual feature is a 13-foot statue of a tiger, and the club wanted to complement the statue with an array of displays that showcased stunning 4K visuals. The main challenge was to accommodate the irregular shape of the statue—a pouncing tiger—as their plan was to flank the Tiger with the displays. As the nightclub is a 360-degree experience (with no specific focus of view), they wanted to deploy more video walls and independent displays across the space and wanted to be able to manage and control everything from a central location, or from the web. Lastly, they wanted a solution that was easy to install and maintain, given the shortage of technically savvy staff and accessibility to technical resources in the area. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any solution that was able to fit all three requirements at first.


The Userful video wall solution supports a mix of video wall displays, and allows for up to 100 displays powered from the same standard, off-the-shelf, which was ideal for their central management requirements and readily available maintenance. For the video walls around the statue, Userful allows the displays to be positioned anywhere within the “canvas” and at any angle rotation, which not only made the project possible, but their drag-n-drop graphic management interface made it really easy to implement these oddly-shaped video walls. All the video walls and independent displays are powered from the same PC, and management is done on a web-based tool either on-site or from anywhere in the world. The PC is located away from the video wall and displays, which makes its access easy and minimizes party interruptions.

The deployment of the display system really elevated the profile of the club (it went from being a party bar to a full-on VIP experience). Ever since the unveiling, the artistic video walls on each side of the tiger statue generate nothing but high praises.

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