The AT&T Perch at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Makes for Communal Game-Day Experience


AT&T partnered with Dimensional Innovations (DI) inside the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium to create the ultimate fan-gathering experience. Measuring in at the size of an entire end zone, the 24,000-square-foot space is open to everyone and creates community around the game while mobilizing the fan’s world. With 90 television screens, 13 touchscreens, and custom seating options, The Perch combines a high-tech experience and sense of community, paired with the comfort of a living room.

Nominating Company: Dimensional Innovations, Overland Park, Kansas
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium – AT&T “The Perch,” Atlanta, Georgia
Project: Mercedes-Benz Stadium – AT&T “The Perch”
Category: Venues

The open-air environment of The Perch exists on the 200 concourse level, above the entire west end zone. This modern, connected digital media location captures the energy of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and features an incredible ‘Window to the City’ viewpoint that overlooks the Atlanta skyline. DI created an AT&T-branded destination that includes mega columns skinned with massive television monitor matrixes, connecting fans to the teams and games they love with 90 screens.

The concession space is surrounded by bleacher-style unity seating that offers 13 touchscreen kiosks featuring the Direct TV NOW app. Opposite of the Unity space exists a custom lounge-style seating area with large television monitors that provide more than 40 Direct TV channels. All of the drink rails throughout The Perch are equipped with USB charging ports to provide fans a destination to stay connected in ways that are unique to Mercedes-Benz Stadium and AT&T.

AT&T Perch at MBS

The ability to leverage and shape the environment to better suit the experience was a game changer. The Perch CMS was designed with functionality and flexibility in mind. With 40 channels, 90 screens, 10 monitor configurations, and three 5 x 9 matrixes, the biggest challenge was getting all the correct sources of input for each screen to come together. The content management of this space presented hurdles for our tech installers in getting all the screens to work together simultaneously and figuring out a way to configure the screens to be flexible to the space, depending on the game day or event experience.

DI coordinated the back-end inputs to make sure everything was streamlined and working properly for the screens. Additionally, the DI team worked with AT&T to provide a detailed schedule in channel programming and content through Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s IPTV and content management system

The AT&T Perch at Mercedes-Benz Stadium pic

The impact The Perch has made on user experience is exceptional and is something that can’t be found anywhere else. Fans that spent big dollars on their season tickets are opting to leave their seats and spend time at The Perch to get connected, watch what is important to them, and enjoy the communal space.

The creation of the giant columns skinned in monitor matrixes provides a beacon for sports and entertainment from around the world.
AT&T believes in connecting with the fans, and they measure the success of their space through social awareness and paid, owned, and earned media. Getting fans to engage with the AT&T brand while they create memories is the ultimate goal.

“We want to give fans a unique and unparalleled game-day experience, and we feel The AT&T Perch will deliver just that,” said Mark Wright, VP of Media Services and Sponsorships at AT&T.

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