The Essential Guide to Technologies Addressing COVID-19


The Essential Guide to Technologies Addressing COVID-19 is an all-in-one resource comprised of the most relevant and cutting-edge companies that are pioneering products and self-service solutions for industries to maximize safety while preserving quality customer experiences in unprecedented times. Presented by Digital Signage Expo (DSE) and its editorial news partner site Digital Signage Connection (DSC), this technology guide features the right fit for virtually any application whether the goal is sanitization, minimizing touch interactions, maximizing remote work efficiency or monitoring body temperatures and crowd numbers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The post-COVID reality is upon us, in the workplace, in public spaces and at home. What follows is our collection of the most inventive and necessary technologies allowing society to cope in this “new normal.” These include—but are not limited to— voice activation signage, temperature sensors, work-from-anywhere platforms, sanitizer kiosks, and contactless interfaces. The companies behind these solutions have answered the call for innovation at a crucial time, and it is their hard work that will help establish a new normal with regards to health, safety and business operations going forward.

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The Essential Guide to Technologies Addressing COVID-19!
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