The Historic Fox Theatre’s Digital Solution Boosts Promotion


An alluring installation of more than 50 digital displays at the historic Fox Theatre, a performing arts venue located in Atlanta, Georgia, fosters Return-on-Experience and ROI. Results are meaningful as they can extend to other historic buildings with shared concern for historic preservation but intrigued by digital signage.

Nominating Company: Allure Global Solutions; Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: The Fox Theatre; Atlanta, Georgia
Project: Digital Displays at The Fox Theatre
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

The Fox Theatre is a historic performing arts venue built in the 1920s. The Fox, considered an Atlanta landmark and recognized for excellence in arts, entertainment and preservation, hosts more than 250 shows a year with half a million visitors. The theatre has elaborate architecture and an intensely ornate design. While safeguarding its iconic essence was top-of-mind, The Fox realized a digital solution was necessary to promote its multitude of events, to be able to manage content frequently and instantaneously throughout the venue, showcase a real-time video feed of the main stage’s performances and to enhance operations and revenue. The Fox engaged Allure Global to create a solution that upheld its historic image and appeal while carrying the benefits of digital signage. Allure installed a digital solution in June of 2015 consisting of 68 screens (between 34 inches to 80 inches) that seamlessly integrated into the Fox Theatre’s unique environment.

Challenges included maintaining the historic preservation requirements of the facility and the necessity for minimally invasive installation methods. Given the antiquity of the venue, a third-party committee had to approve all of the installation elements prior to and during implementation to ensure the historic integrity of the building was kept. Display mounting was an issue as The Fox Theatre walls are made of cement and plaster. Adherence to fire codes and similar mandates were crucial. Since the installation spread throughout the venue, signal distribution was also difficult as both parties wanted cabling to be invisible and signal strength to be strong. Additionally, the creative content developed for The Fox had to not only blend aesthetically into the environment while being visually stunning to guests, but also remain flexible and easy to use by a range of end users with varying technical abilities.

Allure Fox Theatre SignageSOLUTIONS
Allure Global and The Fox, along with its historic preservation committee, collaboratively devised a digital signage solution that flawlessly suits the renowned ambiance of the fabulous Fox Theatre. The entire solution was engineered to function harmoniously in the space and organized in a way that the historic aesthetics are uninterrupted. To surpass the mounting problem, fire retardant wooden structures were custom-built to fasten to the cement walls onto which the display mounts were affixed. In an effort to keep the displays and their content from looking anachronistic, Allure designed creative content that aligned with The Fox Theatre’s goals and unique brand perfectly. The design provided the following: event wayfinding, event and campaign information/promotion throughout the year, flexibility for menu modifications, LTOs, branding shifts, both menu and event price changes, and an easy-to-use CMS system that increases operational control/efficiency for a
variety of end users.

The Fox Theatre’s digital signage installation successfully met the expectations and goals set for the project, while conveying a unified presentation to the customer and maintaining the historic integrity of this landmark. The installation enriched the overall guest experience by allowing the audience to view a live stage feed from concessions and by communicating the information guests need. The result has been enhanced loyalty measured by repeat patronage. The Fox has seen advantageous outcomes that include significant increases in customer throughput, more effective promotions for both in-venue dining and events and decreases in operational costs.

Adding digital signage has allowed customers to learn about upcoming events and offerings while in line, improving event awareness and customer throughput. Instead of printing paper and continuously updating static signage, The Fox has automated/managed digital messaging saving time and money, and creating unlimited opportunities for creative content, advertisements and more.

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