The Ins and Outs of LED Video Walls


Are you thinking about how you can attract eyes to your business? Well, installing an LED Video Wall might just be the best option. But, what exactly does an LED Video Wall entail? Technology has changed the face of conventional digital signage and has offered the advanced level technology of LED Video Walls, which are extremely efficient for both outdoor as well as indoor use.

A few years ago, video walls were used only by a small segment of the market like casinos, malls and stadiums. But, as the technology has been advancing, these types of video walls are being used in almost every industry.

Factors to be considered:

Before the actual installation of the video wall, you might want to understand the technology and the requirements to support it. Following are a few things that need to be considered while installing an LED video wall:

  • Image quality
  • Location
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

Although LCD is more popular, LED is gaining popularity quite fast due to the decrease in the manufacturing cost.

LED Video Wall Types:

LED video wall displays make use of diverse technologies such as multimedia technology, computer technique, video technology and many more. Thus, LED video wall displays are in high demand as they provide clear picture quality, along with a bundle of other amazing benefits such as low power consumption, minimal maintenance, increased life spans and more. There are numerous options available in LED Video Wall Displays. Some of them are as follows:


Direct view LED video walls have recently gained a lot of popularity. It is not a new technology. It has been used for decades in outdoor screens but lacked the resolution for indoor displays. Nowadays, direct view is the most desired display option for indoor video wall systems.

LED video walls are built from a number of LED displays. The narrow profile of LED displays allows for numerous mounting options including curved, ceiling mounted, freestanding and many more.


  • Maximum brightness:

Direct LED video wall provides the maximum brightness when compared to the rest of the leading display technologies.

  • Seamless experience:

LEDs have no bezels, so they can be tiled together and create a seamless video wall, thus delivering a seamless experience.

  • Reliable:

LED displays are quite reliable as they can withstand varying ranges of temperatures and humidity levels.


Blended projection systems tend to combine the output of a number of projectors to produce images that are of higher resolution than any single projector can produce. A blended projection system blends the output of a number of projectors to create a large display surface.


  • Large display surface:

These blended projection systems tend to blend the output of multiple projectors together, which helps to create a large display surface.

  • Any shape, any size:

A blended projection system can produce images on curved, angular, or even spherical surfaces. A blended projection system can create a large display that is still very sharp and bright.


Indoor LED video walls have become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise. Indoor LED displays are usually made of surface-mounted light emitting diodes. Since the space between two LEDs is less in this technology, the indoor LED displays are evident even from a short distance.


  • Effective content:

Indoor LED video walls deliver effective content. They deliver crystal clear resolutions, images and content in motion, etc.

  • Enhance the aesthetics:

LED displays can be architecturally designed to take cylindrical, concave or oval shapes, enhancing the aesthetic and ambience.

Who uses the video wall system?

Video walls are quite versatile and can provide benefits for virtually any application and environment. Those who use the video wall systems are:

  • Students and educators
  • Businesses
  • Control room operators
  • Armed forces

Why choose a video wall system?

Most of the organizations are using this video wall system as it is a considerable investment that serves the purpose of numerous displays by presenting a single display that is quite convenient to use. So, while a video wall performs like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. A complete video wall system can deliver flexibility and great performance that simply is not possible with the basic solutions.

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