The Newborn NXTO is the First “One-Stop Shop Solution Company” for the Digital tTransformation of Out-of-Home (OOH)


The New media company of Voilàp group launches the “pay digital out of home (DOOH) as a service”

CEO Paolo Dosi

CEO Paolo Dosi

Italy, 1 July 2020 –  NXTO is a newly established start-up within the Voilàp Group’s Digital Division. It acts as a media company whose mission is to perform as a DOOH digital transformation accelerator, in order to provide effective solutions to this sector’s need to attract advertising investment in line with other European countries.

NXTO offers flexible and personalised transformation plans – called “pay dooh as a service” – to publishers, ooh dealers and partners operating new channels.

Using a transparent “open book” approach, NXTO constitutes a natural partner for all media publishers and dealers who desire support in digital transformation processes without having to make direct investments in technology, know-how and human resources.

Through Group synergies made possible by total control of the technology chain (in terms of design, hardware, software and digital operations), NXTO offers itself as the only “one stop shop solution” in ooh digital transformation processes, which local partners can trust to offer products with national coverage potential.

NXTO is led by expert sector managers such as Paolo Dosi (CEO), Andrea Belli (Commercial Director) and Sergio Verrecchia (Development Director), assisted by Marco Orlandi (Digital Transformation Director in the digital division of the Voilàp group) regarding innovation activities, data analytics and programmatic advertising.

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