The Sky is the Limit for Customer Satisfaction with Pearson Airport’s Passenger Information Zone


The Passenger Information Zone is a new program at the Pearson International Airport with expected new locations as the airport expands in response to passenger growth. Phase One was the main information center with Phase Two utilizing a similar design but scaled to each location. Materials remained the same so that the passengers have recognizable destinations that are consistent throughout both terminals. Interactive digital screens give passengers information including flight data, location maps and directions.

Nominating Company: Eventscape Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue: GTAA Passenger Information Zone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: Phase Two, Pearson Intl. Airport’s Passenger Information Zone
Category: Transportation

In Phase One, the architects were asked to design a passenger information center for the heart of this international airport’s main terminal. The 20-foot tall flower structure and surrounding kiosks, pylon and information desk created a memorable place with a unique character specific to this city, while still conveying the information required (click here for a podcast expanding on this project). In Phase Two, the information desk and the free standing digital kiosks and pylons were also designed with the same design characteristics of graceful curves and organic shapes to continue the look and feel of the information zone while serving the need of the passengers.


Challenges involved materials and finishes needed to withstand high-traffic, 24-hour usage. The design of the desks, pylons and kiosks were all similar but adapted in size to fit the various install locations and the various ceiling heights in both terminals. Another challenge was to provide various kinds of information for a wide range of the public in a central location.

The solution for the high-traffic usage was using robust materials and engineered structures. At the floor, the bases were anchored to the structural concrete slab. All elements used steel sub-frames with curved solid surface, solid wood and stainless-steel kick plates and bumper rails. Solid surface is an extremely durable, non-porous, anti-bacterial material. A catalyzed lacquer sealer was applied to give an extremely durable finish on the wood.

The Sky is the Limit for Customer Satisfaction with Pearson Airport’s Passenger Information ZoneRESULTS
Customer satisfaction has improved at the airport. Current overall satisfaction is now at 87 percent, which is an increase of more than 5 percent from previous years. Pearson International Airport is number one in customer satisfaction in all of North America compared to other airports in their group.

Design: Stantec
General Contractor: T3 (Art Garden) Ellis Don, T1 (Art Strata) Torque Builders

Phase Two of Pearson International Airport’s Passenger Information Zone won a 2018 APEX Award in the Transportation category.

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