The Smart Mirror Retail Revival


D4C approached Premio Inc. with the idea to create a smart mirror to influence the shopping experience for consumers. This smart mirror would be user-friendly and would have an interactive interface that would be attractive and revolutionary for consumers to use.

Nominating Company: Premio Inc., Industry, California
Venue: D4C Smart Mirror, San Diego, California
Project: D4C Smart Mirror
Category: Retail

D4C was looking for a solution to combat the retail apocalypse that has been taking over the world. Today’s retail marketing is more competitive than ever. Consumers expect an experience that makes visiting a retail location just as exciting as shopping online. A reported 6,400 approximated retail stores have closed in 2017, and 4,000 stores have opened. To combat this loss, D4C wanted to come up with a solution that would drive foot traffic to stores and prevent them from closing. The idea for the D4C Smart Mirror was created based on this measure. The D4C Smart Mirror was created with the objective to be to be an aid to the consumer in the fitting room. The interactive display allowed shoppers to look up their product’s information by utilizing the barcode scanner that was installed into the mirror.

The creation of the D4C Smart Mirror was necessary to best assist customers in the fitting rooms and retail environment. D4C needed a company to design and create a hardware solution with customized interactive multi-touch mirror glass. In addition to the interactive feature, the smart mirror also needed to be equipped with a 1D/2D barcode scanner so the customer would be able to get information on products such as pricing, availability and other options (different colors and sizes) that were available. The smart mirror needed to produce clear images, so it needed to find the perfect balance between transmission and reflection. In prospecting, it was also necessary for the mirror to be fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean due to the heavy usage expected.

smart mirror panoramaSOLUTIONS
When D4C approached Premio, we carefully selected the glass hardware job. For hardware, Premio created a custom 92-inch ceiling-to-floor mirror glass with 50 percent transmission and a 50 percent reflection rate. Premio carefully selected a 450 ~ 500-nit 32-inch and a 55-inch FHD LCD display and laminated a 10-point PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch film on the back of the mirror glass that aligned with the center point of the active area of the 32-inch or 55-inch FHD LCD display. To meet the 1D/2D barcode scanner requirement, Premio incorporated a small compact-sized (17 mm x 30 mm x 17.3 mm) semi-customized barcode reader solution utilizing a Motorola Scanner controller and Zebra barcode scanner, which provided the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality using the Array Imager scanning technology. To address the fingerprint resistance and easy cleaning requirement, Premio incorporated an anti-fingerprint coating on the surface of the mirror glass.

Premio's Smart Mirror

The smart mirrors were implemented in retail stores in Cerritos mall, Thousand Oaks mall and more to come in Chicago, Portland, and New York. With the implementation of the smart mirror in these stores, there was an increase in sales and customer traffic in the stores. With the combination of offline and online shopping put together into one seamless all-in-one, the D4C Smart Mirror is helping to keep the physical idea of shopping alive.

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