Three Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your LED Message Center


Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Today, high definition televisions provide a better picture and sound at a lower price point than smaller and heavier sets from just a decade ago.

The same can be said for the digital signage industry, which is experiencing advances in technology that allow business owners to install better signs that deliver superior results. Today’s digital displays have evolved over the last decade to provide crisper graphics, more colors, more flexible software and higher energy efficiency. These improvements provide a more cost-effective and convenient signage solution that draws more attention to your location.

If you currently have a digital sign that’s more than seven to 10 years old, it may be time for a new sign. Here are three indications that your digital sign may need to be replaced:

Graphics aren’t as crisp as expected. LED signs made seven or more years ago were at the forefront of LED technology, but times have changed. In 2007, 19-millimeter signs were the newest innovation. Shortly after their introduction, the 16-millimeter was available. Today, higher resolution 12-millimeter and 10-millimeter models are available that deliver high definition graphics at closer viewing distances. This means that more detailed content looks crisp and clear when viewed up close. If the viewing distance for your sign is close, it may be time to offer a crisper picture and consider replacing an older sign with one that offers higher definition.

Software isn’t keeping up with the times. Advertising technology has changed a lot in the past decade, with the ability to integrate with social media and RSS feeds. New programming software can facilitate this and provide other important benefits including the ability to day-part messages and access a library of pre-designed content. New cloud-based software also mirrors how we access software today, allowing easy updates from any location. New software also may include automated diagnostics to provide early notification if something is awry.

Three Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your LED Message CenterDesire for more energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is perhaps the most practical reason to upgrade your sign. LED components are far more efficient than they were just five years ago. A UL Green Leaf certification indicates that digital signage prod-ucts meet the highest energy efficiency standards and include features such as ventilation, brightness control and communication options that use significantly less power and have a reduced impact on the environment.

Replacing your LED sign is an opportunity to do the right thing for the environment as well. Many components of LED signs, including metals and wiring, can be recycled.

Upgrading to a new LED sign may be a smart move that can save you money and provide access to innovative features that aren’t available on older models: higher resolutions that make your content stand out from the crowd and cloud-based software options that allow you to control your sign from anywhere.

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Barry Pearman, Sales Director for Watchfire LED Signs, joined Watchfire more than a decade ago and has served in a variety of sales and management positions. He holds a BS from University of Illinois, a Master of Health Services from University of St. Francis and an MBA from University of Illinois.

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