Tightrope Media Systems Integrates Carousel Digital Signage Software with Apple TV


ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, June 7, 2017Tightrope Media Systems is providing its customers in education, corporate, hospitality, healthcare and other AV verticals with an easier way to drive presentations, announcements, emergency notifications and other content to all displays through a facility. Tightrope is achieving this with an industry-first integration of enterprise-level digital signage with Apple TV – without the headaches of managing each local device.


To be introduced at InfoComm 2017 (June 14-16, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida), Tightrope will demonstrate how its now-shipping Carousel 7.0 Digital Signage Software simplifies content delivery and device control via a new integration partnership with JAMF, a managed device provider that specializes in helping IT departments bring the Apple experience to business, education and government organizations. Tightrope Media Systems will demonstrate the integration at Booth 831.

The integration will help tech managers and network administrators centrally manage Apple TV devices as IT appliances; and reduce the costs and labor associated with scaling digital signage networks down to more rooms on campus. The workflow provides immediate interoperability between Carousel 7.0 and Apple TV; as new Apple TVs registered with the JAMF management service are added to the Carousel digital signage network, the devices automatically download a Carousel player application to deliver localized content. 

“Centralized control of Apple TV devices via an enterprise-wide account eliminates a host of local configuration needs across device programming, user IDs and remote controls,” said Eric Henry, president, Tightrope Media Systems. “This is an immediate time-saver on a campus with multiple classrooms, lobbies, meeting spaces and waiting rooms. Removing those headaches makes scaling digital signage networks to each room a far more attractive option, allowing the business or organization to reach a much wider audience.”

The configuration ensures that Carousel Digital Signage content can easily be disabled at each location, allowing a teacher or speaker to share a lesson or presentation via AirPlay, for example. However, the integration enables an immediate override of local content for emergency notifications and other critical content – an important feature for public safety and security needs.

Henry sees the most immediate impact of the Carousel and Apple TV integration happening in the K-12 and higher education market, noting that JAMF contracts its managed device services with approximately 4700 schools in the United States alone today. However, the integration will similarly provide benefits on corporate campuses and other businesses and organizations that use digital signage and Apple TV devices in multiple rooms and spaces.

“The overall strategy of this integration is to make scaling digital signage networks more affordable, and simplify the overall deployment, management and workflow for customers with Apple accounts,” said Henry. “The simplicity of the user experience in marrying digital signage with the Apple ecosystem is a groundbreaking development.”

About Tightrope Media Systems

Founded in 1997, Tightrope Media Systems is the pioneer of web-centric digital signage and broadcast automation systems. With its Cablecast portfolio, the company provides station automation, video servers, Internet video on demand and live streaming, while its Carousel Digital Signage system powers on-premise content and out-of-home networks across multiple business verticals. Tightrope’s award winning systems are used throughout the world. You can reach Tightrope Media Systems at (866) 866-4118 or visit them on the web at https://www.trms.com.

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