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With the top of the calendar now displaying March, Digital Signage Expo and your trip to Las Vegas are now well within sight. Even though you still have some more days to check off before you pack your suitcase and head to the airport, now is the time to set your plan of attack for DSE. After all, how many times have we heard some version of the old adage “A failure to plan is a plan to fail”?

The most important thing to plan – besides which shoes to wear (always choose comfort over fashion!) – is how best to divide your time between education and visiting the show floor. You’ll want to make time for both. Starting with the education for which you’ve registered and the free Networking Reception and APEX Awards Ceremony, write out your itinerary.

Next, add any meetings you’ve already set with exhibitors. If you have not already set meetings, take a look at DSE’s Exhibitor List and check out the exhibitors’ eBooths to learn more about them. You can send an email to request an appointment from the eBooth. If you need help trying to determine which exhibitors you need to be sure to visit, feel free to reach out to DSE Attendee Relationship Manager Tara Grooms (, who can assist you with planning your trip to DSE.

While researching the DSE Exhibitor List is important to get an initial idea of what to expect at DSE, don’t let it be your only resource. Leave some time open in your itinerary to walk the entire show floor. You never know what cutting-edge technologies you’ll find scattered throughout the exhibit hall.

Your final preparation for the DSE show floor should be to write a short elevator speech so you can quickly let exhibitors know what project you’re working on and what your needs are.

Finally, for a little fun, follow along with the DSE Days Out Countdown on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) as our team, along with several exhibitors, advisory board members and other friends of DSE count down the days until the ribbon is cut to open the exhibit hall on Wednesday, March 29.

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