TiTAN Platform Inks Global Content Distribution Agreement with VUBIQUITY


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — TiTAN Platform™, a smart content and device company with a next-generation streaming platform launching in the U.S., today announced a content distribution agreement with VUBIQUITY, the leading global provider of premium content services. The agreement encompasses film and television content that will be available on the TiTAN Play™ platform.

Beginning in Q1 2018, a catalog of new and recent films from major and independent studios will be offered on a VOD basis in the U.S. only. The addition of movies and TV content for electronic sell-through or download to own, expansion to Asia and other consumption models are intended for the future.

Distribution in Asia is planned to span China, Japan, India, Korea and Singapore, facilitated in part by TiTAN’s existing strategic partnership with China Unicom, the country’s third largest telecom, and its Internet Content Provider license allowing TiTAN to distribute content broadly in mainland China. TiTAN and VUBIQUITY will be leveraging that relationship in an effort to overcome the barriers confronted by U.S. content owners in gaining access to the massive Chinese market.

The VUBIQUITY agreement marks the latest milestone in TiTAN’s rollout of its streaming platform. The company’s offerings uniquely combine software, hardware, e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI), smart encryption and other advanced technologies in a complete global content ecosystem that provides critical benefits for content developers as well as consumers.

On the consumer side, for example, the company’s TiTAN Core is the first all-in-one entertainment and smart home hub, providing one-stop access to videos, music, games, ebooks, podcasts, VR applications, lights, thermostats, home security and other digital content and smart home systems. On the industry side, TiTAN offers groundbreaking transactional encryption and AI capabilities allowing targeted brand messages to be embedded in content for seamless consumer purchasing while also dramatically improving the consumer experience based on smart personalization of user behavior.

“The VUBIQUITY agreement is an important building block in our go-to-market strategy, giving us a strong content lineup to help us quickly build a large install base in both the U.S. and Asia,” said Jae Young Yoon, founder and chairman of TiTAN Platform. “With our initial content distribution partners now including VUBIQUITY, TV4 Entertainment and Frequency, we will offer a powerful combination of premium film titles, TV series, OTT channels and digital-first content that will help drive adoption and enable both content developers and consumers to reap the broader benefits of our ecosystem.”

“TiTAN has made a significant investment in their vision of creating a content platform that brings all the disparate components of digital entertainment and the connected home together into a single access point,” said Kris Brown, SVP at VUBIQUITY. “This is a highly enterprising new approach to the market, and we have recognized that it provides a promising new platform for content.”

About TiTAN Platform US

TiTAN Platform is a smart content and device company disrupting multiple industries with proprietary technology that protects, monetizes and dramatically simplifies access to digital content of all kinds. The TiTAN ecosystem includes TiTAN Play, a transactional, encrypted content platform; TiTAN Core, an all-in-one smart home and entertainment hub; and TiTAN Digital Signage, an out-of-home, content-to-commerce solution. The company is based in Korea with offices in Los Angeles, Singapore and China, $40 million raised in Asia, and a large additional investment pending in the U.S. For more information, visit www.titanplatform.com and follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Vubiquity

VUBIQUITY connects content owners and video providers to deliver entertainment to viewers on any screen. Working with 630 leading film studios, television networks, independent producers and MCNs, VUBIQUITY brings premium content to over 1,000 global video distributors. Privately held, VUBIQUITY has offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and London. For the latest company news, follow us on Twitter @VUBIQUITY or visit www.VUBIQUITY.com


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