TOMI Creates DOOH Experiences in Artistic Public Space


TOMI is an interactive urban solution that was installed in Paseo Bandera in Santiago de Chile. This pedestrian boulevard is an artistic space with floor-level paintings. TOMI tied the artistic public space with an interactive digital technology and immersive content. We created DOOH experiences with interactive and dynamic videos, animated frames, and special content targeting the user’s needs. These experiences showed TOMI’s potential to empower engaging and forward-thinking experiences in a public space.

Nominating Company: TOMI WORLD, Viseu, Portugal
Venue: TOMI, Santiago, Chile
Project: TOMI
Category: Public Spaces

Four TOMI were installed in Paseo Bandera on June 2018, one of the most well-known streets of the city centre and that was recently renovated with colorful sidewalks and floor paintings covering 3,300 square meters. The official inauguration was attended by the mayor of the commune of Santiago and dozens of media outlets.

This pedestrian-only boulevard brought creativity, art, design and architecture to a smart cities showroom project. TOMI plays a key goal in engaging with the community in this artistic space and enhancing the boulevard with a digitally immersive experience.

The main objective was to create singular experiences in a DOOH context while extending the dynamics of this captivating street through a combination of interactivity and storytelling in a comprehensive and engaging manner. This way, TOMI had to create a planned and compelling strategy to engage with the users that combined its cutting-edge technology with storytelling and great content.

TOMI gives brands the possibility to communicate in a creative and interactive way. Santiago de Chile never had TOMI (an innovative smart device), and the existing DOOH was not interactive. So the main challenge was to show the users how TOMI can bring DOOH to the next level while promoting the device itself. TOMI is an incredible innovative OOH device that draws attention from everyone who is walking by Paseo Bandera, so the expectations are that the content matches their enthusiasm. We had to give useful information and create a more thoughtful, engaging experience with a well-planned strategy. This means stepping up from the passive OOH market and moving forward to an active, bilateral and dynamic level with different supports that explore TOMI’s features: everything from its four modules (News, Events, Search, Transports), to the Photo, and to its two screens that show HD videos (horizontal and vertical).

Using TOMI’s innovative features as a pathway to bring dynamism and creativity together, we developed compelling experiences in this public space. Interactive videos enticed passersby to touch TOMI. When these videos are touched, they take the user to an area related to the video

Dynamic videos that appear at certain hours to target the user’s needs. For example, in the morning (at 9 a.m.), a video appears that wishes everyone a great day. At 12 p.m., there is a video saying it is lunch time and before inviting the user to touch, which activates the “Search” module and shows the user all the restaurants nearby.

TOMI’s implementation was a success, bringing coverage from dozens of media outlets and thousands of interactions. Our measurable impact in four months is visible. From June 15th to September 15th, TOMI registered more than 790,000 interactions, more than 60,000 photos sent and more than 4.3 million views. That reflects a daily average of 9,000 interactions and over 630 photos sent! We also received direct positive feedback from the users that share their experience with TOMI on social media:

‘The novelty in Paseo Bandera. The TOMI interactive totems, that deliver information, show the news and give you the opportunity to take a selfie’ (our translation of @ignacio_sepulveda share on Instagram).

We managed to reach our goals of creating a compelling DOOH experience to present TOMI to Santiago de Chile while receiving great feedback and high levels of engagement from our users in this public space.

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