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We are all familiar with the old adage that “time is money.” While still relevant, our modern lives have taken the concept of time versus money to new levels that most of us had never really contemplated in detail but have certainly felt. All of the newfangled devices that were intended to save us time have, for the most part, just accelerated how busy we are. We pack more and more into our lives every day, and I wager that involves more work rather than more leisure in most cases. I can just hear you saying, “I resemble that remark.” I wish I could wave a magic wand and put it all in proper perspective but sadly I can’t. Each of us must travel our own road and seek our own balance of time versus money.

What I can say is that each of us needs to look at how we spend our time both personally and professionally. Think of time as a limited investment to be doled out carefully. You only have so much to divide up among the activities you embrace. This requires planning rather than simply reacting. The big question to ask is about how we should spend our professional time and what that return on investment is. Read on to see why attending the DSE is a solid investment of time and energy with great returns that should be part of your calendar planning.

If part of your professional life is touched in some way by digital signage (and today, it probably is), then attending the DSE should seriously be considered. If you are involved in retail, food services, corporate communications, education, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, finance, or transportation, rest assured that this touches you, your colleagues, customers or viewers in some way. More than 80 percent of the U.S. population sees digital signage each day. It has become an informative and transformative means of communication. Seeking ways to take advantage of the impact and influence of this ever-increasing communication medium should be reason enough to attend, but as the infomercials on TV say, “Stay tuned! There’s more!”

When I speak of being touched in some way, this begs the question of exactly who should attend. The overly simplistic answer is that anyone who uses digital signage or designs and installs digital signage should attend, but it goes much deeper than that.  A digital signage network is made up of displays, mounts, and media players on the hardware side. For software, there is the content management system (CMS) where the work is done, and where the operation of the network is managed. Last, but most significantly, regarding impact there is the content on the screens that conveys the message. Okay, so now we know who should attend, right? Not so fast.

If you are involved directly in the hardware, software, and content elements of the network you should definitely attend the DSE, but there are others who should also attend. Digital signage is a business, so if you are one of the business and finance decision makers, you should attend. If you are one of the stakeholders establishing the objectives of a network, then you should attend. If you are part of managing platforms, the network, and the collection of data and analytics, you should attend. If you are part of facilities and maintenance then yes, you should attend. Each of the categories of people who should attend are critical pieces to the puzzle. Knowing how all the pieces fit together is where the DSE puts everything into focus.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to invest your time in attending DSE:

  1. In a few short days (not months), you will be exposed to every aspect of digital signage.
  2. Experience and be inspired by the new technologies and solutions under one roof.
  3. See demonstrations firsthand with the ability to compare products
  4. Connect face to face and converse one on one with new vendors at every turn.
  5. Learn best practices from experts in conferences and workshops.
  6. Get professional advancement and fill in blanks of your knowledge.
  7. Networking abounds and see how the DSF can expand your outreach and knowledge.
  8. Earn industry-recognized certifications live with the DSCE, DCME, DSSP, and DSNE
  9. Bookend the content certification and the content workshop to get you on the right track.
  10. Learn about state-of-the art (worldwide) installations at the APEX Awards ceremony.

Keep in mind that the DSE is the only event that is 100 percent dedicated and focused on digital signage and combines industry education, certification, networking, and vendor exhibits in one place. Immerse yourself in the 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage at the show: Business, Content, Design, Software, Hardware, Connectivity, and Operations. When we speak of time well spent, attending the DSE and taking advantage of all it has to offer will pay dividends throughout the year.

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Alan Brawn is a principal of Brawn Consulting, an audio visual and digital signage consulting, training, educational development, and market intelligence firm with national exposure to major manufacturers, consultants, integrators, and associations in the industry. Alan is an industry veteran with experience spanning over 3 decades and a recognized author for leading industry magazines. Alan is an Imaging Science Foundation fellow and co-founder of ISF Commercial. He holds InfoComm CTS certification, is a senior faculty member. Brawn was awarded the InfoComm Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011 and received the Fred Dixon Lifetime Achievement in AV Education in 2015. He is a founder and past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation and Legacy Award Recipient. He is the co-director of the Digital Signage Experts Group certifying digital signage professionals around the globe.


    • Yes. See statement below:

      We have decided to postpone DSE to the late summer or early fall 2020.

      This was not an easy decision to make, but the escalation of travel bans and Coronavirus cases dictates this action. We are working with the Las Vegas Convention Center to secure new dates for DSE 2020 and will be making that announcement in the near future.

      More details will follow. We just wanted you to know this as soon as possible.

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