Toronto’s Air Jordan Store Provides Three Floors of Customer Experience


Toronto’s new Air Jordan location is more than just a store: It’s an experience. That was the goal when Nike hired Advanced. Comprised of an automated multi-zone audio system, along with a showcase of Panasonic and LED displays, Advanced created distinguished spaces on all three floors. Notably, Advanced designed the displays for two Jordan Standard games – interactive grid tests that measure each player’s agility level compared to Michael Jordan’s.

Nominating Company: Advanced, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Air Jordan Toronto Store, North York, Ontario, Canada
Project: Air Jordan Toronto Store
Category: Retail Environments

Advanced was brought in to enhance and define the store’s unique spaces with digital signage and audio-visual technology. Advanced’s early conversations with the client were entirely focused on the user experience, and Air Jordan understood that digital signage can significantly contribute to the look and feel that a store conveys in any given area. With displays, projectors and complementary audio and video, Advanced was able to successfully create nuanced and carefully distinguished spaces on each floor that truly transform this traditional brick-and-mortar store into an engaging customer experience.

On the third floor, Advanced was tasked with the challenge of differentiating spaces from one another with displays. Advanced was asked to build two Jordan Standard games– interactive display-based grid tests that measure each player’s agility level compared to Michael Jordan’s– to enhance the retail experience without disturbing it for those not participating in the game.

Additionally, on the main floor, they were asked to design and install a unique projector-based showcase that was sophisticated and unique to Air Jordan, but was able to operate autonomously without technical management from store staff.

On the third floor, Advanced built each Jordan Standard grid with two fine pixel pitch SiliconCore LED video walls. They each have complementary targeted speakers that operate as their own unique audio zones and are only audible from the center of the game grid. Advanced fed video content from an XBOX Kinect video signal managed by PCs in the rack room and split the signal into two for each LED display.

On the main retail level, Advanced turned four of the space’s eight-foot-tall windows into digital canvases by installing perforated projection film screens that allow natural light to come through on each, with four custom-mounted Panasonic 8500 Lumens 1-Chip DLP projectors in portrait format. Starting at sunset, the store exhibits a display of projection images on the windows facing Yonge Street in Toronto. They also automated the entire display with Crestron control, eliminating any potential hassle from store staff.

Air Jordan Store Toronto

The new Air Jordan store has generated a lot of buzz and has patrons coming back again and again for the experience. The focus was to provide technology solutions that really helped connect with customers, and the end result seemed to truly turn heads during the opening, which garnered thousands of visitors. Advanced is thrilled to have contributed to Air Jordan’s immersive Toronto store, which strives to go above and beyond what’s expected of a brick-and-mortar retailer.

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