Toshiba Lifts Customer Experience & Sales for Brookstone


Brookstone has loyal shoppers throughout the United States and Puerto Rico that are well acquainted with the retailer’s unique selection of innovative lifestyle products, but Brookstone executives were seeking to dramatically broaden their scope of awareness beyond this core group. Like many retailers in today’s evolving retail environment, Brookstone was looking for ways to better engage its customers and enrich the shopping experience.


The path to discovering a state-of-the-art customer experience station began in a non-traditional manner. The Toshiba America Business Solutions Team introduced Brookstone to digital signage for product promotions during a regularly scheduled review of Brookstone’s print fleet and managed print services – or MPS – program.

Intrigued by Toshiba’s innovative line of digital signage solutions, Brookstone wanted to learn more.  After an extensive technology review, Toshiba was able to demonstrate the scope and capability of the Ellumina line to Brookstone. The discussion quickly moved on to the feasibility of creating an interactive customer engagement station for Brookstone customers.

Toshiba engineers quickly created a pilot program tailored to interact with Brookstone’s customers near the retailer’s Merrimack, New Hampshire headquarters. To expedite the development process, Toshiba sales and engineering personnel worked closely with Brookstone architects and representatives from a third-party software vendor to pilot, test and refine the digital signage product.

The result is Toshiba’s ‘Lift ‘n Learn’ Customer Experience Station.

Here’s how it works:

  • Dynamic content related to the products displayed at the ‘Lift ‘n Learn’ Customer Experience Station plays to attract customers.
  • Once at the display, the customer can visually review the products available.
  • The customer is instructed to lift a product to learn more.
  • When a product is removed from its stand, the display screen will begin playing content that is specific to that product.
  • When a second product is removed, product comparison data is displayed.

Toshiba’s state-of-the-art Ellumina digital signage product went from creation to completion within 60 days. Three ‘Lift ‘n Learn’ Customer Experience Stations, each featuring four products, were installed in Brookstone’s Nashua, New Hampshire store. A vertical 49-inch ultra high-definition screen is the signature element of each of the two column stations. An equally dazzling two-foot by two-foot video wall comprises the third station, which is prominently situated just inside the store’s entrance.

Just six months after installation, the store has already seen a definitive uptick in sales for the 16 different products—stick massagers, Bluetooth speakers and personal robotics—that the three Lift ‘n Learn Customer Experience Stations are featuring.

Toshiba’s innovative shopper experience additionally integrates a web-enabled analytics dashboard measuring the number of times an item has been lifted, the cumulative duration of the pickups as well as the average duration a product has been raised.

“Though Toshiba’s digital signage has only been in place for six months, it’s ‘Lift ‘n Learn’ solutions have clearly resonated with our customers, and we have seen an increase in sales for the products we are promoting with it,” said Kiran Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Brookstone. “It also serves as an effective training tool for our sales associates. As a result, we are looking at a wider integration of Ellumina throughout our stores.”


By Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President of Product & Solutions Marketing, Joe Contreras

Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President of Product & Solutions Marketing, Joe ContrerasJoe Contreras serves as vice president of product and solutions marketing at Toshiba America Business Solutions. In this role, Contreras is responsible for creating growth strategies for the company’s portfolio of e-STUDIO multifunction products, network document solutions and Ellumina digital signage line.

Contreras’ tenure at the Irvine, California company began in 2000.   Prior to joining Toshiba, Contreras was responsible for all marketing activities at SMC Networks including the company’s networking hardware solutions, wireless networking and broadband products.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Texas A&M University.

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