Towering Digital Signage at Perth Arena


The interactive digital tour installation at Perth Arena is a four-sided, eight-screen,  two-touchscreen interactive digital tower, built into a 4.7-meter-high steel-framed, ACM-clad and digitally printed monolith that would generate interest and engage the public in brand awareness and encourage them to interact through social media.

Nominating Company: kingman visual, Perth, Western Australia
Venue: Perth Arena / iiNet, Subiaco, Western Australia
Project: Interactive digital tower at Perth Arena
Category: Public Spaces

Perth Arena is 15,500-seat arena and a premium destination attracting world-class acts and elite sporting teams. The objective was to create interest in the brand iiNet and increase brand awareness to deliver a memorable experience in using the interactive aspects of the tower and to encourage an emotional connection with those using it. The tower is located in a major traffic flow for concertgoers as they enter and leave the venue. The software “Stackla” was used to search for social media narratives related to the current event and display them on the screens. The software “Digivey” was sued for the interactive component that gives suers the opportunity to win prizes whilst compiling data via their intuitive PC-based questionnaires via the two touchscreens.

Designing a tower to be aesthetically pleasing whilst delivering on the joint outcomes was indeed a difficult process. The stakeholders included the end user (iiNet), the venue owners (Perth Arena), the concept developers (Gettin’ Hectic), the graphic designers (Marketforce) and the end designer, builder and installer, Kingman Visual. Geting consensus from all stakeholders was a difficult and time-consuming challenge, and developing an end result of multiple softwares to interact seamlessly was a very gratifying experience. The outer skin (digital print) was to fit exactly to the screen shot on all screens before the interactive nature of the displays was acted upon. Before using the screens, one might be fooled into thinking it was a static display only, but then it leaps into life and color.

Working closely with supplier parties who believed in the final outcome is the end game for all designers and builders. In this case, everyone was excited about this custom unit and worked together seamlessly to make sure the final outcome delivered on the original design.

The end user (iiNet) has indicated a huge response from concert goers and believes the tower has delivered on the principal concept and design outcomes.

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