TPS Engage and D’strict Bring a New Wave of Art & Tech to DOOH


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the speed at which the advertising industry implements digital transformation projects. One powerful example for this. is Digital Out of Home. The sector was quickly gaining momentum and was regarded as the fastest growing traditional advertising channel. Despite the pandemic leading to slower business, with certain markets reporting even -70% dips in revenue, many companies have used this opportunity to truly innovate what will most likely be the new norm in Digital Out of Home.

Two such companies are d’strict and TPS Engage. With their help, a new wave of art and technology is coming to DOOH.

The art tech company d’strict is the one behind the now famous 3D wave displayed on the largest digital billboard in Korea. The stunning visuals took the internet by storm, gaining international attention. It can easily be considered the most viral DOOH ad of 2020.

Korean billboard DOOH

TPS Engage is the largest dynamic DOOH marketplace – working with over 100.000 digital billboards worldwide and companies like P&G, Samsung, Unilever, Heineken, Uber Eats and others. Their technology allows brands to deliver dynamic content on these billboards and automatically change the visual or message based on any type of data trigger, as well as tracking performance.

Together, the two companies are offering their clients a unique opportunity to combine exceptional visuals with dynamic delivery technology, making DOOH not only visually stunning, but also reactive to what’s happening in front of the billboard.

Clients can contextualize custom creatives produced by d’strict and use data triggers such as real time sales, age or gender of people in front of the billboard, any form of online data, including allowing clients to interact with their smartphones directly with the billboard in various ways, to make their campaign truly stand out.

The two companies are at the forefront of the innovation trend that has made Digital Out of Home, in particular spectacular billboards, become more than simple displays for brand logos. According to a 2019 IAB study, the main challenges for programmatic DOOH was the lack of education (on both client and agency side) and the fragmentation of the industry.

Initiatives such as these are a stepping stone towards offering clients a more unified experience between technology and experience or craft providers. While the majority of holding groups are closing the ranks and freezing new initiatives, more agile companies are using the global context as an opportunity to provide unique services.

About d’strict

d’strict is a design company that creates user-centered experience by integrating both contents and digital media technology. Since its establishment in 2004, d’strict has been developing its core business according to the environment changes in various digital media technologies. Currently, the company has performed the design works on user-centered spatial digital experience marketing, focused on both digital theme park with some specific contents and high-end property and brand business to create the entertainment space since it launched the first digital theme park “Live Park” in 2012. Find out more at

About TPS Engage

TPS Engage is a dynamic DOOH programmatic DSP that works with over 100.000 digital outdoor and indoor screens in 25 countries, with its main offices in New York, Dubai, Seoul and Bucharest. The ad-tech solution allows advertisers to increase Digital Out of Home campaign performance by allowing for dynamic content to be played based on any type of data trigger (real time sales, demographics, traffic, weather, time of day or even mobile behaviour). For DOOH media owners, TPS Engage provides an opportunity to generate alternative revenue sources by accessing available screen inventory. TPS Engage provides its services for clients such as Samsung, P&G, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Uber Eats, Deutsche Telekom, Foodpanda, Jaguar, H&M and more. Find out more at     

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