Traditional Spanish Hotel Embraces 24/7 Technology


La Fonda Barranco, a small, traditional hotel in Jerez de Ia Frontera, Spain, required a tool to strengthen relationships with its clients thereby improving the customer experience. Our digital signage technology connects visitors’ phones with any display (even a regular 40-inch HTDV) even without an app.

Nominating Company: Movilok, Madrid, Spain
Venue: La Fonda Barranco, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain
Project: La Fonda Barranco
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Our client is a hotel in oldest part of Jerez de Ia Frontera, close to the most ancient wineries and most of the tourist attractions of the city. It is not just an accommodation for resting; its main asset is the personal relationship with customers aimed at getting the most out of the culture, gastronomy and leisure of the city and its surroundings. They have been awarded by TripAdvisor for five years with the “Travelers Choice” prize (maximum appreciation of visitors of the portal) in its category. It is also the first hotel in Spain certified for hearing impaired people. We offered to enlarge this personal relationship by including our interaction with on-demand technology. This smart-device interaction technology links any digital display to the customer’s phone, allowing them to bring in their phones all those recommendations during the tourist route in the city.

Hotel guests come from different nationalities, and the system needed to be multi-lingual. Wi-Fi in hotels is now a commodity, and everyone carries a smartphone. However, downloading a new app to connect to a system or a service is not an immediate process.

The hotel was looking for an information point able to capture customers’ attention and a simple, on-demand mechanism to show further details and store them in their smartphones, all in their own language.

The challenge was to make a smooth transition to the technologies that can link people with ‘phygital’ objects in their environment. The hotel also required feedback of their clients’ preferences and selections, so it can better adjust and customize its recommendations. The hotel also wanted to include an ecological, paperless version to boost local businesses and stores, using digital coupons with offers.

La Fonda Barranco hotel displaySOLUTIONS
We set up a 24/7 Interaction Point by using a Chromebox with our ChromeApp connected to a display. Our cloud service temporally links any smartphone to this point using a dynamic code shown on the display (as a PIN or QR) or a dynamic beacon. Thus, any visitor can bind on demand to the display with just their mobile browser.

When both the display and the smartphone are linked, the mobile browser screen detects touch gestures, acting as a remote touch-control of the Interaction Point display in order to surf, filter or review the content. Information can be also downloaded to the phone for later use. This info includes map indications, a train timetable, or coupons with promotions. Language is automatically detected, so all interactions and downloads are in the visitor’s language. The system also detects a presence in front of the screen, popping up a message inviting them to connect.

We have achieved a smooth and coherent integration of digital signage technology with the same spirit and values promoted by La Fonda Barranco: customized information, quality accommodation, regional cuisine, hospitality, cultural events, etc. Using this ‘bidirectional Interaction’ Information Point, these values can now reach the phones of their clients, reinforcing the tourist experience. Though reception is not open 24/7, the hotel now has a physical 24/7 channel to assist its guests.

Movilok won the DSE 2017 Silver APEX Award in the Event Venues & Hospitality category.

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