Transparent Cooler Door Reinforces Advertising at 7-Eleven


A 7-Eleven convenience store chain in downtown L.A. installed an Anthony iDOOR®, a transparent LCD embedded within the cooler door that plays full motion video at the point of purchase. The iDOOR increased sales and improves the retailer’s communication, merchandising and engagement with its customers.

Nominating Company: Anthony, Sylmar, California
Venue: 7-Eleven Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Project: Anthony iDOOR® installation
Category: Food & Beverage

A 7-Eleven in downtown Los Angeles decided to install an Anthony iDOOR® in its convenience store to increase beverage and snack sales, improve communication of limited-time offers and engage with customers at the point of purchase.

Customers were so engaged with iDOOR that they spent valuable shopping time observing the door and even went home to bring their family and friends back to the store to view the door. While this increased the number of shoppers in the store, it was extremely busy for store management.

The store owner explained to customers and store management how the iDOOR operated.

Products merchandised in close proximity to the iDOOR showed an increase in purchase incidence by shopper, specifically the carbonated beverages. The iDOOR also successfully strengthened other product categories through selective promotions and limited-time offers featured on the iDOOR.

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