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Market Street is one of the highest trafficked streets in the crown jewel of Northern California that is San Francisco. This steady stream of foot traffic usually comes with just as many eyeballs, and so the urban area sees plenty of leading brands showcasing their very best merchandise with their most innovative ad campaigns. That said, few companies deserve such prime real estate as much as Levi’s Jeans., which has been headquartered in San Fran ever since Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss founded the company in May of 1853.  To stay relevant, stand out from the retail competition surrounding it and, in effect, maintain its fine denim-based legacy, the Levi’s flagship location at Market and 4th Street recently enlisted the help of Reflect, a company that has been providing award-winning place-based digital media out of Dallas since 2001. Reflect answered that call by adding size and spectacle to two otherwise conventional retail windows with two FLEXClear transparent LED video displays from PixelFLEX.

The slimness and high brightness of these 65-75 percent transparent FLEXClear LED displays ensure that they’re presenting ideal imagery during every part of the day. At night, images are clear and vibrant while the transparency allows for a maximum amount of natural light during daytime.  FLEXClear also offers 100,000-hour LED life and an IP44 rating, and installation is streamlined by spring-loaded Cam Locks for panel interlocking that offer back access for service needs. It was this flexibility of design that kept the retrofit installation project on schedule in the preexisting infrastructure of Levi’s flagship store.

“As far as mounting goes, the design was quite ideal,” said Reflect’s Senior Account Manager Brandie Perkins. “After removing the old tracks lights, which were used to light mannequins in the windows, we installed two separate FLEXClear LED video displays, one in each front window that each included 30 total tiles. They are mounted to a rod hanging from the ceiling, and we are using our ReflectView CMS to push the content we create to the displays. We use a lot of videos and motion graphics, and take advantage of having an unlimited edge on the screens, where we can simply display something like the Levi’s logo, and then everywhere else the LED’s are black allowing customers to see into the store.”

FLEXClear also features a wider pixel pitch than some other displays on the market, which works for the viewing angle from outside the store, and as far as the content that’s being shown, the displays feature an almost impressionistic montage of the Levi’s story and how it figures in the evolving story of America as a whole.

“After we got the system up and running, Levi’s informed us that other retailers on Market Street began commenting on the screen and were very interested in how the technology worked,” said Perkins. “At this year’s Digital Signage Expo, we had the same experience where various retailers came to our booth to speak about the installation and the potential of FLEXClear LED. We are seeing a lot of excitement about its possibilities because it’s a dynamic and impactful visual display that doesn’t impede light or customer sightlines, all at an affordable price point.”

Check out the video below to see how Reflect’s installation of FLEXClear LED displays for Levi Strauss & Co. is lighting up Market Street:

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Jason Kushner is a videographer, editor, writer and filmmaker living in the Greater Atlanta Area. With an educational background combining film and journalism, Kushner has shot video and written for a myriad of publications and multimedia projects including Creative Loafing Tampa,, Starline Films and Digital Signage Connection. His 2009 documentary American Colonies: Collapse of the Bee became an Official Selection at 12 international film festivals, won Best Documentary at the 2009 Central Florida Film Festival and a John Muir Gold Award at the 2009 Yosemite Film Festival.  In 2015, he became Digital Media Editor for Digital Signage Expo, LightShow West and LED Specifier Summit and has since become Digital Content Manager for those shows’ parent company, Exponation.

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