Transparent Refrigerator Display Provides ROI for Agropur


TechTAP first integrated transparent displays into refrigerator doors in 2012. As content-driven integrators, our solutions are developed to seamlessly provide maximum sensory immersion to drive sales in today’s market. Agropur felt this aligned perfectly with their desire to reinvent the dairy industry, focusing on the active evaluation phase of retail/grocery shopping. TechTAP evolved the base technology to include AR, sensors, RFID, QR codes, NFC for mobile connectivity, facial measurement and integration with back-end data-analytics platforms.

Nominating Company: TechTAP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Agropur, Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada
Project: Tailored Technology – TechTAP’s Transparent Touch Fridge
Category: Retail Environments

2012 – Singha Beer – QR coupons generated at touchpoint
2013 – Interactive content zones keep children close, while parents can compare products and peruse recipes and nutritional information. All content can be sent to mobile devices in real-time.
2014 – TELUS Innovation Centre, Toronto – Integrated a social media contest with wine pairing and recipe sharing, building a community of oenophiles and foodies.
2014 – European/UK distributor wins awards for marketing, innovation, and digital media.
2018 – Agropur (Natrel) chooses TechTAP’s refrigerated display units with dynamic, interactive content and AR as 1 of 10 technology innovations at Agropur’s Inno Expo.

Agropur wants to keep the shopper’s attention span focused in a crowded environment, engaging and educating them on the spot in tactile, customized, and responsive ways. TechTAP’s displays create an immersive sensory space that redefines the consumer’s assumptions of the retail experience while capturing data to further drive upstream decisions.

TechTAP pic2

Shoppers feel helpless during the active evaluation phase of their shopping trip, as information gathering is hard in a cluttered and crowded shelf space. Shoppers also face decision paralysis due to the abundance of products in the market.” – Agropur

TechTAP had to create an interactive content application to provide comparative product information in eye-catching and interactive ways at the touchpoint stage as well as operate as a platform for tailored, sensor-driven marketing, and integration with back-end monitoring and data-analysis.

To display all this rich media and AR content without staggering, robust yet compact players were required. Transparent displays need strong LED perimeter lighting. In 2012, sourcing LEDs that were bright enough, but could also be integrated with minimal power-draw was the biggest challenge. Now, in 2018, these LEDs are readily available. Several technical challenges were also overcome, including discreet wiring, overheating, and stable LED performance in variable temperatures.

Lift & Learn:
The consumer holds product(s) up to the fridge, comparing up to three at a time. Nutritional information, recipes, and related products are all delivered via rich, media-driven content to mobile devices.

As Agropur recognizes, “2/3 of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product once they’ve picked it up.”

The sensory experience persuades the consumer, creating a relationship and driving associated product sales. Cameras, barcode scanners, RFID, NFC, and QR codes provide couponing and drive the Lift & Learn product experience.

Dynamic Marketing:
Facial measurement and emotion recognition technologies capture and respond to demographic data, customizing promotional content. Seasons, weather, and other factors can also trigger marketing content.

TechTAP’s AR/touch applications can simultaneously engage children and adults, while mobile integration with custom apps can build community and extend the retail experience beyond the store. The complete array of strategic and technical challenges were successfully solved by TechTAP.

TechTAP fridge picRESULTS
Winning solutions for our clients:
“Our [TechTAP] solution employs location-based marketing in the form of an Augmented Reality (AR) experience on a clear glass display for refrigerated products. Displaying engaging visual content, TechTAP triggers interest in products and sparks spontaneous conversion.

This application is very beneficial since it generates zero paper waste, increases brand recognition, creates a more informed consumer and shopper, makes decision making and reading nutritional information easier.” – Agropur

TechTAP technology:
“… [provides an]intriguing experience which familiarizes shoppers with Agropur products and brands
… create[s]opportunities for social media interaction, contests, coupons, deals which are easily updated and requires no paper wastage…
… makes use of onsite marketing; studies show that 57 percent of shoppers are more likely to engage with onsite marketing than checking for comparative prices on their phone.”
– Agropur

TechTAP’s custom interactive content and applications create the ultimate ROI for its clients.


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