Trasmediterránea Cruises Customizes Passenger Experience with Digital Signage in Local Offices and Ships


The shipping company Trasmediterránea cruises celebrated its 100 years by betting on innovation through a complete digital signage system that shows dynamic visual content in different local offices and ships. DENEVA offers a new marketing platform in eight of the company’s ships and in Barcelona, Valencia, Algeciras, Ceuta and Melilla offices, in order to improve passengers’ experiences and provide top quality services.

Nominating Company: DENEVA, Palencia, Spain
Venue: Trasmediterránea cruises, Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain
Project: Trasmediterránea cruises digital signage system
Category: Hospitality

There was a need to entertain and inform where crowded areas are located with the promise that the equipment operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The integration with DENEVA provides a perfect solution for demanding environments.

Trasmediterrenea needed a software that allowed them to offer a customized experience to their passengers. In DENEVA, it found the perfect solution: It has all the information that passengers need at any time, and it interacts with them through all kinds of content that we can publish to each ship or each port in real time.

Digital transformation and the Internet have revolutionized the way we travel and the way we consume content. For that reason, Transmediterránea had the necessity of incorporating the latest technology so as internal communication between the staff and passengers could be modernized.

The big challenge was to install a solution in a critical environment where information could be broadcast via satellite both centrally and locally in each maritime station or ship.

The solution was installed in more than 60 digital signage points in the high-speed fleet – Millenium Dos, and its Superferries and Ferries: Juan J. Sister, Forza, Sorolla, Algayzin, Zurbarán, Fortuny and Tenacia – through Deneva software. The solution implemented in different ships is composed of 10 large-format interactive totems distributed in crowded areas that have, some of them, mobile service charging through USB connection. More than 50 Philips Full HD Displays of 42 inches and 43 inches have been implemented.

All of them show relevant information: services and activities available onboard or special promotions for travelers through the Product Promotion Interface with the ability to link with social media content. In addition, Fortuny and Sorolla boats have two video walls with four screens each. DENEVA allows passenger access to the boat news feed portal in order to get any additional messages provided by the crew at any time of the day.

The shipping line has increased its branding value by focusing on the specific needs of each passenger. This is the most positive part of customization. Unique and special experiences are generated through it. Messages are remembered more, and it has a positive impact on the company’s branding.

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