Traveling Through Time with Public Celebration of Turkish History


Fetih 563rd is an annual celebration that gathers half a million people in the large esplanade of Yenikapi in Istanbul. DREAMBOX built a stage of huge dimensions to recreate the Constantinople walls of year 1453 for more than 700 performers that included mechanical props and video mapping with firework synchronization.

Nominating Company: DREAMBOX Marka lletisim, Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: Conquest of Istanbul, 563th Anniversary, Istanbul, Turkey
Project: Conquest of Istanbul, 563rd Anniversary
Category: Public Spaces

There were two main targets in this production, stage building and content creation that have been done entirely from our company. The stage building was planned to allocate 563 people composed by chorus and musicians plus other 250 people to perform the battle scenes, the far;ade of the stage had 160 meters length  and 35m height. The scenography had mechanical platform to lift cannons that played in sync with video mapping, performers and fireworks. The content production of video mapping was done in three weeks and included four day shooting in chroma- key and one day underwater shooting in a pool to accomplish the story.

The major difficulties were the short time for production and the stage setup. During the production, the client asked for some revisions … even in scene design.  Even we didn’t have time to test the mapping content on the real stage because of the short timing and stage revisions. During the on-site rehearsals, we worked in bad weather conditions. There were other minor difficulties in logistics for LED screens because of a delay in the custom.

DREAMBOX Conquest of Istanbul picSOLUTIONS
Despite the short period of production time, we finished everything on deadline. For the content test, we used virtual reality (VR). With Oculus technology, we checked all the content in a realistic way and we made all the revisions before we made the on-site tests thereby saving time.

In addition, we made light designs for the light show for each scenes in WYSIWYG program. The rehearsals were done during the night with the video mapping but also during the day because of weather. The custom difficulties were solved with help from the government. In total the amount of people working in production and postproduction was around 140 persons.

The Fetih 563th was live broadcasted from many TV stations, and it has generated a big amount of interest in the social media and press because it was the first  time a show was built with those characteristics  for the celebration.

Agency: Plan B

DREAMBOX won the APEX Content of the Year Award for Conquest of Istanbul, 563rd Anniversary in the Public Spaces category.

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