TSItouch Inc. Launches Hand Cleaner with Mount and Antimicrobial Film


TSItouch, Inc – a manufacturer of touch screen and protective solutions for commercial grade displays and video walls announced that they are launching two new products to add to their screen care offerings.

Customers and end-users have expressed concerns regarding technology, social distancing, and sanitation in a COVID-19 environment. Cleaning and sanitation procedures are going to be established within public spaces. Ultimately TSItouch believes touch screens are just another surface that needs to be cleaned. They feel the touch screen market will actually grow post COVID-19. CDC has stated “Coronavirus mainly spreads through person-to-person contact and ‘does not spread easily’ on contaminated surfaces.” The article can found here: https://news.yahoo.com/cdc-coronavirus-mainly-spreads-through-persontoperson-contactand-does-not-spread-easily-on-contaminated-surfaces-153317029.html

“As industry leaders for touch solutions, we are proud to offer companies the best possible services and products to make cleaning touch screen solutions easier and more efficient. We are excited to introduce two new TSItouch products that will meet the needs of every business” states John Bowab – Vice President of Sales. TSItouch recognizes there are some companies that are questioning touch screen usage during this health crisis, in response, they are adding two new products to their screen care and safety product line to increase user confidence with public facing touch screens.

  • TSI Hand Cleaner and Mount An alcohol-based hand cleaner with mount that attaches to new and existing TSItouch screens and protective solutions.
  • Antimicrobial Film Antimicrobial film will adhere to the glass of touch displays. It should be known that most antimicrobials do not kill any germs on contact but will inhibit some pathogens growth and therefore over time eliminate them.

touchscreen infographic

About TSItouch Inc.

TSItouch is an employee-owned business located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. TSItouch was established as an independent company in 2011.

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