The TV Sign Offers New Corporate Signage Solution


Demand for an efficient large volume digital sign solution has lead The TV Sign to develop its new  Corporate Signage Solution. The new product  launch creates a clear way for larger volume digital sign users to manage their digital signage efficiently and cost effectively.

Our  Corporate Signage Solution gives administrators an array of tools to help manage multiple displays. Administrators have  the power  to limit users’ ability to manipulate and share content, monitor logins, verify content, and ensure signs are  active. Administrators can  also create proof of play reports for content, as well as serve specific content into a sub users digital sign. includes basic features such as dedicated account representatives, US based support, guaranteed hardware and contract-free pricing. The new Corporate Solution offers advanced features that are geared towards larger organizations. These include proof-of-play reports, a connectivity dashboard, the ability to share content between users, live look-ins, remote access, and training for end-users as needed.

Digital signage can be used in various ways by companies to connect with employees and visitors. Unlike static posters and signs, digital signs can be updated on the fly and rotated often. Digital signage is an excellent tool to welcome important customers and  clients, track progress toward significant goals, showcase new products, and for countless other similar purposes. It is an equally useful tool for schools, colleges, and  places of worship. offers a number of helpful instructional videos that demonstrate how easy the system is to use. Users can easily learn how to create slides, add text and videos, schedule content, make  RSS  feeds, and much more.

About The  TV Sign

The TV Sign offers a unique easy-to-use turnkey solution for organizations that want an effective digital signage solution that can be executed by employees without a high level of technical and graphics training.They currently serve a wide range of companies from small single unit users to large users including; Clemson University and Mass Mutual, as well as franchises of brands such as Applebee’s, the Marriott, and Dunkin Donuts.


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